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Green Lantern Corps #35 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on April 18, 2009

Emerald Eclipse part 3

The Red Lantern, Vice has broken free from his restraints (thanks to Scar). He immediately attacks Voz, the warden of the Green Lantern Sciencells. As Vice’s red blood burns through Voz’s shields, the large Green Lantern fights back with his bare hands and even starts to get of the upper hand on Vice. However, soon his shield is breached and Vice burns Voz’s eyes out and his ring is incapacitated. As Vice throws Voz down, two of the Sciencells are broken open and one of the members of the Quintet is freed but before he gets a chance to thank Vice. He is soon killed by the raging Red Lantern. One of the other members of the Quintet tells Voz to get up and stop Vice. Soon, underneath Oa, Scar who has the Book of Black opened before her, tells the capture Sinestro Corps rings to be released from stasis. The rings soon burst forth killing two Green Lanterns who were standing guard and fly out to their various users that are trapped in the Sciencells. Word soon travels of the prison break to the Honor Guard, Kyle Rayner, Guy Gardner, Kilowog and several other Green Lanterns head to the Sciencells to stop the prison break. Meanwhile, the yellow power rings have returned to their users and Lyssa Drak, feels the Book of Parallax call out to her. Knowing they can’t just break into the Sciencells without knowing what they are facing. Guy uses his ring to show a map to the prison through the pipe networks and all Green Lanterns head into the Sciencells with all their powers blazing as Sinestro Corps, Green Lantern Corps and Red Lantern Corps clash in the prison.

Far away in Sector 1760, Sodam Yat and Arisia fly towards Sodam’s home world of Daxam. As they travel, Arisia asks Yat what truly happened between him and the guardian, Scar on Zamaron a few days ago. Sodam reveals that he was ordered to destroy and desimate the Star Sapphire Corps and the planet if talks broke down. Arisia is shocked a guardian would asks this but then asks if he would have done it. Sodam tells her that he would have because it was an order and he has a duty to perform. They soon arrive at Daxam and find the planet is encircled by a giant snake creature who is one of the Sinestro Corps sentries. The snake apparently eats objects that could be a threat to the Sinestro Corps like communication satellites and organic creatures. Sodam uses his old skills as an astronomer to find a near by asteroid that is breaking up as it approaches Daxam. The two Green Lanterns hide on the rock and slip by the sentry. On Daxam, the now defeated Arkillo wares his tongue that was ripped out of his mouth by Mongul around his neck. To serve as a reminder of what happened to him as other Sinestro Corps members try to search out hiding Daxamites. Senator Yat, Sodam’s father tells his people that most likely his wife failed in finding their son and getting the Green Lantern Corps to help them out. They will not be slaves or used as amusement for the Sinestro Corps. They will instead show them that their spirits are beyond the Sinestro Corps’ grasp. Arkillo and members of the Sinestro Corps see as the Daxamites commit suicide by jumping off a near by cliff. The Sinestro Corps member of Sector 108 is killed by Arkillo who will not be spoken too as a second runner up to Mongul. Arkillo then leaves his troop as Sodam Yat using his “superman” powers kills the remaining Sinestro Corps members. Something that Arisia does not like, since they could have been taken prisoner. The two then rescue the falling Daxamites and rejoin Sodam’s father who is very pleased to see him. Yet, Sodam isn’t, as his father’s only answer to showing the Sinestro Corps up was by killing themselves. When asked what they should do, Sodam tells them to fight or die trying and rallies his people against the Sinestro Corps.

Over on Korugar, Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande are trying to appease the crowd who have now heard that Sinestro will not be brought to the planet for execution. Natu tries to calm her people, telling them that their redemption will come and Sinestro will eventually pay for his crimes. Later, in a near by hanger, Iolande and Soranik talk about the death of Iolande’s brother, Ragnar. Natu can’t understand how she can favor such justice since it was her brother who was killed for his crimes. Iolande loved her brother but he betrayed and killed hundreds for his cause. He paid for it with his life. However, before Iolande can say anything else, she is attacked by Sinestro who turns to Natu and says: “Hello Soranik.” “I want to have a little heart-to-heart between a father and his daughter.” End of issue! Yes, folks, we all guessed it but it happened, Sinestro is Soranik Natu’s father! While a bit shocking, this sets up a lot of things for the rest of the title in the months ahead with Blackest Night and even explains the relationship between the two since day one. Speaking of great stuff happening, the various stories between the jail break on Oa and Sodam Yat and Daxam never bog the issue down. We get some great developments and action with this story and Peter Tomasi balances out great with Patrick Gleason’s art. Great book all around.


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