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Fear the blue, Cobalt Blue

Posted in flash,Profiles by mrread7 on April 26, 2009

Before I wrap up Flash month in a few days, I knew I couldn’t finish everything up without looking at Barry Allen’s evil brother, Malcome Thawne. No really, an evil twin brother, it might sound cliché but it’s the truth. Malcolm Thawne was the twin brother of Barry Allen. The doctor that delivered the twins had already accidentally killed a separate child that belonged to Charlene Thawne. To cover the mistake, he gave Malcolm to the Thawnes and told the Allens that one of the twins had been stillborn.
Malcolm’s “parents” were con artists, passing off a healing salve that was actually used to cover the Thawnes’ natural super abilities. Because of his clean-cut looks and demeanor, Malcolm was most often used to lure the unsuspecting victims. As an adult, he was in Central City, and stumbled onto his twin brother, Barry Allen, by chance. Curious why there was another man with his face, he demanded the truth from his parents. They admitted everything, having been aware of the infant switch from the beginning. Malcolm refused to believe that his parents could be so heartless, and he tracked down the doctor that had delivered him. The doctor confirmed the Thawnes’ story and, in a rage, Malcolm murdered the doctor.

The matriarch of the Thawne family, Malcolm’s grandmother, who also possessed the ability to control the “blue flame” (which was revealed to be a mystical ability passed down through the Thawne family) was disgusted at her son’s pathetic use of the gift to con people. Malcolm, on the other hand, possessed the passion required to make full use of the ability. His grandmother trained him in the secret of the flame. Fueled by Malcolm’s rage and jealousy at his twin for ‘stealing his life’, Malcolm fashioned a blue gem to contain the flame, which was capable of stealing Barry Allen’s superspeed. His first attempt ended in failure, and Malcolm was absorbed into the gem, only to re-emerge years later. By this time, Wally West had assumed the mantle of the Flash. Barry’s death during the Crisis appeared to have cheated Malcolm out of his dreams of revenge on his brother. Instead, Malcolm focused on Allen’s descendants traveling through time in a bid to exterminate them, starting with Wally West. Under the identity of Cobalt Blue, Malcolm ignited a family feud that endured for a millennium.
The feud came to a head in the late 30th century, where Barry Allen was living with his wife Iris. Wally West arrived to try to protect his uncle. Flashes of all eras between the 20th and 30th centuries arrived soon after, all under the control of Thawne’s spirit because they all were carrying a shard of the original Cobalt Blue gem. In the end, Wally West ended the menace of Cobalt Blue by running so fast that he skirted the edge of the Speed Force. Its power poured into the gem, and Thawne’s spirit (and the gem itself) overloaded from the excess energy.
Despite the fact that there are supposed to be many Cobalt Blues between now and the 30th century, neither Malcolm or Cobalt Blue have appeared since the “Chain Lightning” arc. It is unknown if these timelines even exist following the events of Infinite Crisis.

could Malcome be the true villain behind Flash: Rebirth? Let’s see: The Cobalt Blue of the 21st century wore a glass armor. Not much was seen of him, as he was defeated in about 30 seconds by a time travelling Jay Garrick and Iris West II. The Cobalt Blue of the 23rd century had brutally murdered the Flash of that era’s wife and had crippled his daughter, Sela. Eight months after this, the Flash killed Cobalt Blue. But his victory was shortlived as a child picked up the gem and, being consumed by its rage, killed the Flash. However, a time-travelling Max Mercury and Sela Allen, who was now healed, returned the boy to normal. n the 25th century, the roles of the Flash and Cobalt Blue were reversed. Now Chardaq Allen had taken the role of Cobalt Blue. Professor Zoom and Wally West defeated Chardaq and returned him to normal. This Cobalt Blue of the 28th century almost ended the Allen bloodline when she infected Jace Allen with a virus. However, Jace’s father Blaine, the then current Flash, sacrificed himself to save his son. Ten years later, Jace was now the Flash and he and a time-travelling Jesse Quick defeated Cobalt Blue. So, if you look at the time travel or how the blue crystal could steal the speed force. Malcome or any of the other Cobalt Blues could have broken free and then used their life force to bring Barry Allen back in an attempt to get final revenge against the entire Allen family. We’ll find out.


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