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Green Lantern #40 Review

Posted in green lantern,Orange Lantern Corps by mrread7 on April 30, 2009

Agent Orange part 2

In space sector 1313, the Green Lantern villain known as Fatality, now a Star Sapphire. Looks over the remains of her home world. She remembers how the death of her planet and people left a hole in her heart that she filled with anger and revenge. Eventually leading her to the Sinestro Corps but now her hole has been filled with love. She also remembers when she was a child she was shipped off to the Vega System where they were full of greed. Now that same greed threatens the universe and that is where she must go to be with John Stewart. She then has her ring tether her to Okaara and she sling shots herself there. Meanwhile, in Sector 3454 the Guardians of the Universe tell the rest of the Green Lantern Corps that the newest law in the Book of Oa calls for the Vega System to no longer be off limits to the corps. Green Lantern Greet is told by Salaak that he needs to go back to his own Sector in the Vega System and help the Guardians of the Universe and the other Green Lanterns going there to stop Larfleeze. The Guardians then tell Greet that originally the orange light nearly depleted the ranks of the Green Lantern Corps. They then start arguing if they do invade the Vega System it will reveal all their dealings with the Vega System over the centuries but Scar tells them they must proceed. In doing so, the call is given to the Vega System that all the criminals there are no longer safe from the Green Lantern Corps. Hundreds of ships try to leave but they are stopped by the various Green Lantern Corps members and the Guardians. As they round them up, Hal Jordan makes a joke about Voz building more sciencells. However, Scar tells them that they are not their top concern, Larfleeze is and tells them to proceed to Okaara, while she remains behind due to her illness. As Hal Jordan and John Stewart descend to Okaara the blue power ring continues to ask what Hal hopes for. John asks that if Hal would give the ring what it wants, he could take it off. However, Hal isn’t hopeful at the moment, Sinestro is free, the Red Lanterns are after him and the rest of the Blue Lantern Corps and Laira’s body is still on Ysmault. Hal wants this over and then wants to go back after Sinestro but soon his blue ring lights up again.

Hal is hit with images of his fallen friends, Carol Ferris, Jillian Pearlman and is asked again, what he hopes for. Hal decides to ask for: “world peace” but the ring doesn’t register it and soon they are brought to Okaara. They land on the planet and Greet meets up with the rest of the corps and soon finds his ring going to 123% than normal. The Guardians soon tell greet to: “Stay away from the Blue Lantern.” They then proceed to Agent Orange’s chamber but are soon stopped by the Controllers who also now Orange Lanterns. As the Green Lantern Corps and Guardians attack the Orange Lanterns, their rings’ energy is absorbed the various Orange Lanterns. Soon, Blume appears and rocks Greet and several other Green Lanterns before other Orange Lanterns, including, Glomulus grab Greet by his limbs and tear him apart. When his ring tries to find a replacement, it is consumed by Glomulus and is then replicated through an orange power ring and Greet reappears as a twisted Orange Lantern much to John’s shock. As the Orange Lanterns head towards Hal Jordan his blue ring asks once again: “What do you hope for” and the Orange Lanterns, especially Larfleeze realize that they can’t absorb the blue ring’s power. Larfleeze sends vines from the ground and pulls Hal Jordan to his lair and then tells him: “A blue ring? Where did you get a blue ring?” “I want one.” End of issue. We are then treated to a four page origin story about Glomulus how he started off as a simple cleaner slug that was brought by a slave woman and used as clean up. However, when her captors tried to kill Glomulus, his owner killed the man and then Glomulus ate him and ran into the forest. Glomulus smelled Larfleeze’s meal but before he could get there, Blume appeared and consumed Glomulus and he was turned into an Orange Lantern.

Geoff Johns and Philip Tan are a fantastic pair with Agent Orange. While the issue does read fast, we see first hand just how the Orange Lantern Corps works and what they are capable of. You have to chuckle at Scar’s cough or Hal Jordan wishing for World Peace. A very nice issue and I’m looking forward to Agent Orange’s origin in a few weeks.

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