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It’s all his, Agent Orange

Posted in Orange Lantern Corps,Profiles by mrread7 on May 2, 2009

With Agent Orange month off to it’s start. It’s of course time to look at the main ring wielder himself, Larfleeze. any years ago (long ago even for ancient beings to remember) the Guardians of the Universe hid the fact that they made a treaty to stay out of the the Vega System with Larfleeze, covering it with a peace treaty with the Spider Guild. The extent of this treaty seems for Larfleeze the keeper of the power of avarice to be left in peace and isolation and the Green Lantern Corps to be forbidden to enter the vega system. With the Guardians occupied with the Zamarons experiments on the Star Sapphires, the Controllers were left to begin a search without opposition from the only two groups which would stop them. The Controllers believed they located the orange light on the planet Okaara, within the Vega star-system, a forbidden territory for the Green Lantern Corps. Without the interference of the Guardians they can finally attain a power source that will allow them the means of creating an army to control the universe.
On Okaara the Controllers traveled through a forest overgrown with weeds and vines. The orange light had influenced the environment around it to the point where the vines consumed everything it touched; if it hadn’t already strangled all the life from it first. The Controllers found a sealed cavern with the symbol of avarice embedded in the entrance. They entered the dwelling and descended downward into the underground palace. The Controllers found a rotten feast of food that had recently been eaten despite its decay. The Controllers were confident in there immortal power that nothing could stand in there way from finding the orange light, no matter what primitive creatures resided in the so called palace. They came across the orange lantern power battery deep within the caverns of Okaara, as soon as they tried to take it the Controllers were completely slaughtered by a horde of Agent Orange members that seemed to appear from out of thin air. In turn Larfleeze the leader of the Agent Orange was so enraged and infuriated that he sent a message to the Guardians telling them their former treaty was null and void because of the actions taken by the Controllers breaching the isolation agreement the had set forth so long ago. He then promised that either he is given what he demands or his corps would descend upon them.

Enraged at this percieved violation, Larfleeze sent the Agent Orange to capture the Green Lantern Corps member Stel, who was pursuing a member of the Sinestro Corps. Stel was captured and seriously damaged, and Larfleeze ordered the Agent Orange to brand Stel with their seal. When the Green Lanterns recovered Stel and returned him to Oa, a hologram of Larfleeze burst forth and confronted the Guardians about the attempt to steal the orange battery. Although the Guardians pointed out that it was the Controllers who had entered Vega, Larfleeze refused to listen, and declared that the treaty was null and void, and that the Guardians would submit to his demands or face the wrath of the Agent Orange. In doing so, Scar convinced the Guardians of the Universe to create the 4th new law in the Book of Oa. That the Vega System was no longer off limits to the Green Lantern Corps. In doing so, they unleashed Larfleeze’s anger on them and he in doing so unleashed his Orange Lantern Corps on the GLC. Hence the War of Light now has all 7 corps in direct conflict with each other in some way or another.

That’s all for tonight, we’ll learn more about Agent Orange at the end of the month.


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