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Blackest Night #0 Review

Posted in blackest night by mrread7 on May 10, 2009

Death Becomes Us

In the far reaches of space, Hal Jordan talks about how there was originally just the Green Lantern Corps and the green light. However, now there are seven colors in the far reaches of space and a war has begun among them. Hal Jordan then says he was just a guy who was proving he wasn’t afraid of anything or anyone. He then arrives at the graveyard for Justice League over Batman’s grave stone. He remembers the conflict that started between the two when they first joined the Justice League of America. How it was Barry Allen and Superman that kept them from killing each other. Hal is soon joined by Barry Allen who tells Hal he can’t stay long. He has to help keep the criminals in check in Gotham City ever since Batman was killed. Hal tells him it’s OK before Barry asks why there was no funeral or anything for Batman. Hal tells him it was better this way and that they needed to distance themselves from Batman’s death. Not to mention that they haven’t publicly claimed that Bruce Wayne is dead and that Tim Drake still believes him to be alive. Barry says he likes Drake already and then looks back at Batman’s grave. Hal then asks Barry if he was told the service that was held after he disappeared into the Speed Force after the first crisis. Barry tells Hal he didn’t have time to ask. Hal shows Barry images with his ring and how much people adored him. He was the opposite when he was infected with Parallax and driven mad. He tells Barry that he died a saint while he died a sinner.

Hal also goes onto say that everything changed when Barry disappeared. The world got more dangerous, the job of a super hero got worse and the Justice League was no longer untouchable. He recounts the fact that Aquaman is dead and buried at sea even though another Earth version of Arthur appeared during the Final Crisis. Barry then tells Hal that it means that death isn’t the end of it all and that despite everything even though Hal’s parents never came back. Barry goes on to say that something has pried the doors open between life and death and that he can feel it an that if anything, Batman is trying to find his way back as well. Hal can’t believe that, Batman was killed by Darkseid’s omega beams and that his body is buried underneath them. Just like the Martian Manhunter was killed by Libra and Darkseid’s followers and is buried on Mars and now so is Bruce. Bruce was their friend and now he is gone but Barry will never stop hoping that Bruce will return some day like themselves and they leave the graveyard. After they leave, Black Hand steps out from behind the shadows and with takes out Batman’s skull from it’s grave. He then says the Black Lantern Oath: “The blackest Night falls from the skies. The darkness grows as all light dies. We crave your hearts and your demise. By my black hand– the dead shall rise!” With that the various graves of Justice League members are shown and the skull’s eyes start to glow green as darkness from Black Hand’s power swarms the skull. While the Black Lantern Guardian, Scar smiles

The rest of the issue shows all the various corps. Revealing the rest of the Red Lantern Corps names and the leader of the Indigo Tribe’s leader and the various hands of dead DC characters rising from their graves with Black Lantern power rings on. What an incredible issue, it took me a few days to get it, thanks to my friends on the Green Lantern Corps forums for sending me this issue. I can’t wait for Blackest Night #1 in July.


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