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Geoff Johns: On Returns and Rebirths

Posted in blackest night,News by mrread7 on May 12, 2009

When Geoff Johns said Final Crisis: Legion of 3 Worlds would affect more than just the future, he wasn’t kidding.

In the first four issues of the mini-series by Johns and George Perez, both Bart Allen as Kid Flash and Conner Kent as Superboy have returned from the dead. As if the Legion held some kind of special comic book magic, both the super-aging of Bart and the legal problems with the “Superboy” name have now been apparently eliminated.

After returning in Legion of 3 Worlds #3, Bart Allen returns to the present as Kid Flash and looks to be right back where many fans would say he belongs within the pages of Flash: Rebirth. Now that Superboy has returned in issue #4, he’ll star in his own ongoing series beginning this August – Adventure Comics by Johns and Francis Manapul, which will co-star the Legion of Super-Heroes.

And Johns told Newsarama that both Superboy and Kid Flash will be part of this summer’s Blackest Night event, as well as being “front and center” in the DCU over the next year.

As the events of the mini-series spill over into the rest of the DCU, we talked to Johns about what comes next in Legion of 3 Worlds – and found out how one of the writers from The Late Show with Jimmy Fallon will help out with Adventure Comics.


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