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Green Lantern Corps #36 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on May 17, 2009

Emerald Eclipse part 4

On Korugar, Soranik Natu lashes out at Sinestro saying that he is a liar and could not be her father. While Sinestro fights off Natu’s various rind constructs. Sinestro explains that he had hoped that would not had to reveal the truth behind their relationship ever since the Sinestro Corps War but now the prophecy of the Blackest Night has started and there is no stopping it now. Sinestro eventually over powers Soranik and tells her that his ring is her ring and then explains the story behind her origins. When Sinestro was still a Green Lantern, he was married and Soranik was born. Sinestro had never imagine being a father, love, legacy and order were all he knew at the time. Sinestro knew that Korugar would need protection and of course Sinestro eventually took control of his planet and betrayed the Green Lantern Corps. Threats grew against their family and Soranik was given up to Karoll and Dgibb Natu, the doctors that had delivered her when she was born. Natu grew up not knowing the truth behind her parentage. Sinestro one night had tracked Soranik down and marked her with the various tattoos that are now on her body so he would always know where she was. When Natu became a doctor, Sinestro was the person who took her graduation picture before taking off when the Green Lantern Corps fell at Parallax’s hands. Natu doe not know whether to believe the story or not. Sinestro tells her that despite what she believes, her life has always been one of honor and duty. Natu won’t except that her father was a dictator who brought her people to near destruction. Sinestro tells her that he is a lot like her and that she has been fighting against the Green Lantern Corps since day one and more recently with her relationship with Kyle Rayner. He then zaps Princess Iolande again and bars Soranik’s ring.

Sinestro then shows Natu a construct of Katma Tui and how despite leading a rebellion that lead to his defeat years ago, their people still called her “The Lost.” Her death was the justice for her betrayal. Natu asks Sinestro about his and he answers that he still stands by it and with the coming Blackest Night. Everyone will see he was right and so will she. Natu doesn’t see anything outside of DNA inside of her but Sinestro tells her that will change and then takes off for Daxam to fight Mongul and take back the rest of his corps. Natu is then freed of her ring block but cannot fire on her own father. Revealing, that Sinestro was right about her. Over on Oa, the Green Lantern Corps is fighting the massive prison break that the former guardian, Scar has started. As Sinestro Corps, Red Lanterns and various criminals are set free. The battle grows intense as Green Lanterns are slaughtered left and right while others keep fighting and rookies are taken out of harms way. Back on Daxam, Sodam Yat and Arisia discover that Mongul is having the populace create a planetary defense shield to protect the Sinestro Corps from outside forces. Sodam leaves his group to fight Mongul face to face. The two clash but Yat is unable to tap into the full force of Ion. He learns that Scar has been safety controls on his ring to keep him from using the full force of the Ion power. As Mongul starts to get the upper hand, he asks if he can remove his ring to tap into the power but it will meet his death. Instead, he decides to allow a massive power surge to allow him to tap into his full powers. He lefts Mongul blast him with the full force of his rings, which allows Sodam to tap into Ion. He then flies into Daxam sun and removes his power ring. He tells Arisia that this is the only way and tells them to keep fighting. He then erupts into the sun changing it from red to yellow.

What a very intense issue, Peter J. Tomasi keeps the issue flowing perfectly. While the main story focuses on the relationship between Soranik and Sinestro. The shifts to the prison break on Oa and what is going on over on Daxam are perfectly balanced in the issue. Patrick Gleason also delivered some of his best art in this issue. His strongest being the flashbacks of Natu’s childhood. Now that’s story telling.


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