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Green Lantern #41 Review

Posted in green lantern,Orange Lantern Corps by mrread7 on May 29, 2009

Agent Orange part 3

Deep within the temple of the Orange Light on the planet, Okaara. Hal Jordan awakes to see rotting food placed before him and a voice calling out to him. “Are you hungry Green Lantern?” “I’m always hungry” Larfleeze better known as Agent Orange, the leader of the Orange Lantern Corps soon emerges and starts to eat the decaying food. Hal says that Larfleeze looks like a cross between a boar and Gonzo from The Muppets even if he always liked Kermit. Hal asks who he is. Larfleeze tells him he is the owner of everything except for the blue power ring on Hal’s left hand. Soon, Orange Lanterns appear bringing more food to Larfleeze. He tells Hal that all the Orange Lanterns he stole their essence and made them into his corps through the hundreds of orange power rings that he keeps safe guarded. They are all thieves and fools that dared to cross his path and never lived to tell the tale. He tells Hal Jordan he has tasted the green power ring many times and more recently the yellow. However, he has never had a blue ring. Larfleeze tells Hal it’s so soft and hums a sweet sound and he asks what is it full of. Soon the blue power ring says: “Hope.” “What do you hope for” and erupts in blue light when Agent Orange touches it. Larfleeze tells the ring he hopes for everything and that the blue ring is like his but Hal tells him it isn’t. Larfleeze hopes the blue ring will fill him with enough power he will no longer hunger and tries to once again take the ring. The blue power ring zaps Agent Orange telling him that: “Hope is selfless.” Hal then jets forward hitting Larfleeze but Agent Orange bites into Hal’s arm.

Above them, the Orange Lantern Corps attacks both the Green Lantern Corps and the Guardians of the Universe. They cannot fight the power of the Orange Lanterns due to the nature of their being. Soon, the Orange Lanterns grab John Stewart by his limbs and try to start tearing him apart like they did to Gretti but soon they blasted and encased in crystal thanks to Fatality. John doesn’t know what to make of this but Fatality tells him that she spent so long hating him but now has a new mission and then asks John Stewart: “Have you ever been in love?” Far away in sector 2814 on the planet, Ungara. Sinestro visits the grave of Abin Sur before being contacted by Tekik. Tekik tells Sinestro they have arrived on Zamaron, Sinestro tells Tekik that he is on his way and tells Tekik that the Zamarons will see love die by his corps. Over in Sector 666, the Green Lantern Ash has taken a brief moment to write in his journal. He is writing a letter to his dead wife about his mission. That the closer he gets to finding the Anti-monitor, the more that the vampiric creatures that took her away are closing in on him. However, he will take them down and they will die, die horribly. Back on Okaara, Agent Orange continues to send his Orange Lanterns at Hal Jordan to get his ring. Hal decides that the stalemate they’ve created can be resolved. He will trade his blue ring for hearing what really happened in the Vega System. After some thought, Larfleeze decides to tell Hal his tale.

Billions of years ago, Larfleeze along with four others of his kind stole several items from the former Guardian home world of Maltus. They were chased by the Manhunters and lost one of their members, Chattle to them. Escaping, they found a map that was created by the rogue guardian, Krona. It told of a fable treasure worth more than anything. They followed the map to the planet, Okaara. Within the Jungle of Weeds, Flob was captured by one of the living weeds that dwell ed in the jungle and killed. The others fell into the temple below them. Inside they found the Orange Lantern. Soon all three of them were consumed by hunger and fought over the Orange Power Battery. The Guardians of the Universe along with the Manhunters soon arrived but the orange light was unleashed and killed several of the Guardians and Manhunters. Unable to contain the Orange Light due to it’s draining abilities. Larfleeze and Blooch soon remained fighting over the light. With no choice, the remaining Guardians made a pact with Larfleeze and Blooch. They did not want the Orange Lantern only the box they had stolen from Maltus. In doing so, the Orange Light could stay within the Vega System and they could not venture out. However, only one of them could have the Orange Light, which eventually Larfleeze won. The Guardians of the Universe then buried the knowledge of the Orange Light from the Book of Oa and never revealed it to the Green Lantern Corps after the Manhunters were decommissioned. Just as they buried the Massacre of Sector 666 and Parallax. Surprised, Hal asks how Larfleeze knows about Parallax. Larfleeze then answers: “What do you think was in the box, Lantern?”

Having told his tale, he once again asks for the blue ring but Hal can’t get it off but Larfleeze will wait no longer. He fashions a orange blade from his ring and slices off Hal’s left arm. He then takes the ring off of Hal’s hand and the ring soon replies: “Larfleeze of Ogatoo.” “Welcome to the Blue Lantern Corps.” End of issue. While an exciting issue, it’s pretty clear that this is Larfleeze’s story than Hal Jordan’s. Hal has kind of taken a back seat the last two issues as the Orange Lanterns have taken more center stage. However, Geoff Johns has really started some interesting developments with John Stewart and Fatality and really put the Guardians in a more darker light than normal. While I’m not worried about more rewriting of Green Lantern history. It seems the Guardians really kept changing their minds when it came to the other colors of the emotional spectrum, whether they knew of them or not. The art work by Philip Tan is spectacular as always and his origin story for Larfleeze was well told. Great issue over all.


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