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Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #8

Posted in podcast by mrread7 on June 29, 2009

Kuhan, West, Andrew, Ray and Mewzard step in to talk about the conclusion of Agent Orange and just how much they miss me. And discuss their Artist of the Year, Lantern of the Year, Villian of the Year, Cover of the Year and Overall Issue of the Year and bring the laughs as usual. Seriously, they did a great job.


Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #8

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Episode #8

Even without Ryan, we manage to have a great show with Kuhan serving as our host. The Beginning to our Weekly Show! Enjoy as we discuss the end of Agent Orange, Variant Covers, and the Spotlight Awards!

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #7

Posted in podcast by mrread7 on June 27, 2009

After a brief time off, Andrew, Ray, West, Kuhan, Mewzard and myself talk about our favorite, shocking, and lamest moments during Agent Orange and Emerald Eclipse. We also talk about the latest on the Green Lantern movie and upcoming collectibles. Plus, our usual amounts of gags, TV talk and a few other things. Beware of explicate language.

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #7

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Green Lantern Spotlight Episode #7

Join Ryan, West, Andrew, Ray, Mew and the return of Kuhan as they discuss the very latest news about everything Green Lantern including ComicCon exclusives. The guys share their best and worst moments from Agent Orange and Emerald Eclipse so far. They also discuss just what zombie Black Lanterns they are and are NOT looking forward to.

GL Spotlight Album Art

GL Spotlight Album Art

Green Lantern #42 Review

Posted in blackest night,green lantern,Orange Lantern Corps by mrread7 on June 25, 2009

Agent Orange part 4

Larfleeze has finally removed the blue power ring from Hal Jordan by cutting off his arm. As the dreaded Agent Orange puts the blue ring on his own finger he is transformed into a Blue Lantern. His hunger finally gone he begins to enjoy it until the blue light leaves him. Confused, Hal Jordan breaks free revealing that the blue power ring created an illusion that Larfleeze had cut off Hal’s arm and the blue light returned to Hal as a defense. Larfleeze yells at Jordan saying that he lied, that Hal knows how to wield the blue light with ease but Hal tells him it’s just keeping his ring powered up. He then created ring constructs of the entire Green Lantern Corps and attacks Agent Orange who tells him he stole his idea. Above them, the Star Sapphire, Fatality has encased John Stewart in a protective crystal shell. While the Green Lantern Corps battles the Orange Lantern Corps. Fatality reveals she originally was sent to Okaara as a child by her father. She spent years trying to be her people’s protector until her planet was accidentally destroyed by Stewart and that’s where her hatred and anger came from. Her ring soon tells Fatality to love John and as John tries to break free. She tells him that John never hated her for attacking him and killing Green Lanterns over the years, just himself. She then kisses him but John rejects Fatality

Fatality lets John go but tells him that the next time he comes to the remains of Xanshi burying his grief of his wife over it. That he needs to forgive himself because Xanshi was not as innocent in the War of Light as he originally believed. She then vanishes leaving John with the rest of the Green Lantern Corps still fighting the Orange Lantern Corps, which has now retreated. The Guardians of the Universe tell their corps that they have gone back to their master and they must take advantage of the situation. Below, Hal and Larfleeze continue to fight each other but are very equally matched due to Agent Orange’s power battery. He decides to try and get it away from him but is soon attacked by a swing of the battery from Larfleeze. Soon the Guardians the Green Lantern Corps burst into the temple distracting Larfleeze and allowing Hal to grab the Orange Power Battery. However, as soon as he does it tells him that it can all be his. Hal is slowly transformed into an Orange Lantern and starts to feel a hunger and the voice inside the battery talks to him. Saying what he truly wants and Hal soon replies: “Mine.” However, Larfleeze will not have that and attacks Hal and takes back his battery and calls back his entire corps back into the power battery. The Guardians say that there is no way to extinguish the orange light of avarice. It will burn as long as greed exists. John comes to Hal’s side who is feeling the after effects of the orange power battery but Agent Orange soon calls on all the power of his corps and grows inside and tells them he will make them all part of his corps. Hal’s ring continues to ask: “what d you hope for?” Hal answers: “As soon as we get out of this… I hope you stop asking me that question.” The ring finally answers that it is a sincere response and gives Hal complete control of it despite his shock. Hal then Unleashes the full power of his blue power ring blasts Larfleeze back to normal. As Hal’s blue ring starts to lose power it shows him a glimpse of tomorrow and then flies off his finger to find a Blue Lantern for Sector 2828. While Larfleeze tries to capture it.

The Guardians of the Universe are shocked by the power of the blue light and how it recharged the entire Green Lantern Corps. However, Larfleeze still has his power and can unleash it on the Guardians. The Guardians know they can’t stop the orange light but they can’t have Larfleeze keep it but someone eventually would have. They are torn between the evil they know and the one that would come to know. They decide to strike another deal with Larfleeze asking what he wants. He whispers in their ears and soon takes off. The Green Lanterns don’t like this, especially since Larfleeze murdered Gretti and made him an Orange Lantern. The Guardians tell him that Gretti will be released to them and buried and they don’t need to be concerned. It is a time for diplomacy but Hal doesn’t like it. He later reveals to John that when the blue ring showed him the future it was of Sinestro saying: “I can’t do this without you.” The corps soon leaves but Hal wants to know what Larfleeze wanted and the Guardians reply: “Nothing that concerns you.” It is revealed that Larfleeze wants to know where to get a blue ring from. We soon go to Odym where Ganthet and Sayd welcome their newest Blue Lantern, Sister Sercy. However, before they can continue with their next recruit the entire Orange Lantern Corps descends on Odym wanting the power of the blue light. Meanwhile, over in Sector 666, Green Lanterns Ash and Saarek finally find the corpse of the Anti-monitor inside a Black Central Power Battery. They try to find out where they are but their rings tell them it’s classified. Saarek then touches the Black Central Power Battery and awakens the entity that is behind everything. Giant hands emerge from the ground yelling: “Flesh.” They will soon be dead themselves. End of issue.

So concludes Agent Orange, while I thought how Hal got his arm back was a bit lame. The rest of the story was great. From the moments between John Stewart and Fatality. To Hal kicking Agent Orange ass. Philip Tan delivered a powerful telling with Geoff Johns writing. I’m ready for Blackest Night.

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Outtakes

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Green Lantern Spotlight Outtakes #1

Join the cast of GLS for…well, for hilarious bloopers and outrageous words that should never be released. Featuring Philip Tan, Ron Marz, and the usual cast of suspects Ryan, West, Kuhan, Andrew, Ray and Mew.

GL Spotlight Album Art

GL Spotlight Album Art

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Blooper Reel

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Everyone knows that when you are recording a podcasts that there is a lot of editing involved. Now here’s your chance to hear what doesn’t make the usual podcasts. Find out when Kuhan, West, Andrew, Mewzard, Rayner 2814 and myself are truly saying during the podcasts. Not to mention hilarious moments with our guests like Ron Marz and Philip Tan. It’s a great time but beware of explicate language.

Know your Corps: Black Lantern Corps

Posted in blackest night,War of Light by mrread7 on June 21, 2009

The time has come, the quick look at the Black Lantern Corps. Lead by Black Hand and Scar, the Black Lanterns are ready to extinguish life across the universe. With some many dead heroes and villains a like. The corps so far consists of: Alex Luthor,
Al Pratt, Arthur Curry, Black Condor, Bzzd, Ch’p, Deadman, Dr. Light, Extant, Fentara, Firestorm, Galius Zed, George Harkness
Jack Drake, Jack T. Chance, Jade, Jean Loringo, John Grayson, Kal-L, Katma Tui, Ke’haan, Martian Manhunter, Mary Grayson
Maxwell Lord, Pantha, Psycho-Pirate, Question, Robert Long, Roy Lincoln, Solomon Grundy, Ted Kord, Terra, Tula, Wesley Dodds, Wildebeest, Lairia and many, many more. It’s going to be a fight for life for sure.

Heroes Con 2009 – DC Universe Panel

Posted in News by mrread7 on June 20, 2009

Ian Sattler, Senior Story Editor hosted Friday’s DC Universe panel, welcoming fans to the first DC panel of the Heroes Con 2009 weekend. Panelists included Jamal Igle, artist of Supergirl, Dustin Nguyen, artist on Streets of Gotham, and Editor Brian Cunningham.

Sattler began the panel by asking the panelists about their respective projects, beginning with Nguyen. The artist said that there is a difference between drawing Dick Grayson in the suit rather than Bruce Wayne, which is something that he reflects in the fighting style of the new Batman.

Special Announcement: Epilepsy Foundation affiliates across Illinois

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Epilepsy Foundation affiliates across Illinois

Wednesday, July 1, 2009 is going to be a devastating day for people with epilepsy in the State of Illinois.

That’s the day the state’s FY2010 budget goes into effect. And right now, that budget contains NO money for specialized epilepsy care services, such as the kind currently being offered by Epilepsy Foundation affiliates across Illinois.

The Illinois General Assembly had a chance to pass a comprehensive, balanced budget as presented by Governor Pat Quinn before ending their session on May 31. And members of the Illinois Senate did just that. House members, however, voted against the Governor’s budget, choosing instead to punish the most vulnerable members of society.

In response to the House’s inability to pass a responsible budget, the Illinois Department of Health and Human Services was forced to implement its “doomsday” budget plan, which eliminates funding to dozens of key social services, including those designated for the provision of medical, social, and support programs for individuals with epilepsy. The state’s budget is “balanced,” but its social infrastructure is in peril. And people with epilepsy are going to suffer because of it.

Starting July 1, if funding is not restored to the state’s budget, Epilepsy Foundation affiliates will be forced to begin implementing dramatic program cuts—cuts that will directly impact the over 129,000 people with epilepsy in Illinois.

But all may not be lost.

Governor Quinn is asking members of the General Assembly to return to Springfield next week so that he can work with House members in passing a budget which meets the state’s obligations to its citizens. Last time around, only 42 of the 118 House members voted in favor of the Governor’s budget. The rest voted ‘no.’

We need to turn those ‘no’ votes into ‘yes’ votes—votes that say ‘yes’ to individuals with epilepsy and other disabilities, ‘yes’ to the continuation of vital social services, and ‘yes’ to the people of Illinois!

On behalf of the over 129,000 people with epilepsy in Illinois, please call your State Representative TODAY and ask them not to play politics with peoples’ lives, and to support Governor Quinn’s FY2010 budget.

You can find contact information for your State Representative by going to and typing in your zip code.


• Specialized individual epilepsy services in the State of Illinois are facing a complete elimination of their funding, due to the inability of the Illinois House of Representatives to approve Governor Quinn’s FY2010 budget.

• If epilepsy funding is not restored to the FY2010 budget, community service providers, such as the state’s three Epilepsy Foundation affiliates, will be forced to make dramatic program cuts, including those which provide medical, social, and support services to the over 129,000 people with epilepsy in Illinois.

• As a result of these budget cuts, people with epilepsy are going to suffer. For many, the impact will be devastating. (If you have a personal story about how the Epilepsy Foundation made a positive difference in your life, feel free to share it briefly.)

• Please ask your House Representative to vote “yes” on the Governor’s FY2010 budget, and to please not play politics with peoples’ lives.

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