The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Know your Corps: Green Lantern Corps

Posted in blackest night,War of Light by mrread7 on June 2, 2009

Hello everyone, as the guys and I try to figure out our new layout for the upcoming relaunch of the GLspotlight. I’m going to take a look at the various corps over the next two weeks. Citing corpsmen you want to keep an eye out on. Now, while we all know that Hal Jordan is going to be the key figure in Blackest Night. Both Kyle Rayner and Soranik Natu are one of two couples to watching during the War of Light. With Sinestro revealed to be Natu’s father. Expect to have daddy dearest unleash his own hell on Kyle. The two have a very hateful relationship that is almost on par with Hal Jordan. Expect rings to sparkle and hearts to be broken. Speaking of broken hearts, keep an eye out on John Stewart as Katmon Tui not only returns as Black Lantern but also Fatality of the Star Sapphires wanting John all to herself. Then buckle down as Guy Gardner himself ends up playing a large role in stopping the Blackest Night as revealed in the pages of Booster Gold. Guy has been front and center during the course of the Green Lantern Corps book. He’s had a bit of a rest until recently and now Guy is going to cut loose. Speaking of Lanterns being ignored in the main title. The Alpha-Lanterns finally come out with both rings blazing as they assault the Red Lanterns and secrets are revealed about the Red Light of Rage. Expect Salaak to get sad wake up call about the Guardians of the Universe and our favorite poozer, Kilowog is going to have to deal with his whole dead world. Lot’s going for the Green Lantern Corps.

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