The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Know your Corps: Blue Lantern Corps

Posted in Blue Lantern Corps,War of Light by mrread7 on June 9, 2009

After a few days off. I’m here to talk about one of my favorites of the new corps, the Blue Lantern Corps. These hard to find and rare corps. Are made up of the most hopefully and religious figures from their sectors. Headed by Ganthet and Sayd, the former Guardians of the Universe for the Green Lantern Corps. The ranks of the Blue Lanterns have been steadily growing in numbers. While we’ll learn the origins of both Saint Walker and Brother Warth. We’ll meet the newest members in Brother Hynn and Sister Sercy. While meeting other members of the Blue Lantern Corps as they try to seek out the Indigo Tribe and fight off the assault of the Red Lanterns.

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