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Green Lantern Corps #37 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on June 10, 2009

Emerald Eclipse part 5

Within the Daxam sun, Sodam Yat better known as the Green Lantern, Ion. Channels his full power into the red star. As his skin starts to burn away. He transformers the star into a yellow sun. Mongul, who is near by has his ring anylise what Sodam has done. He soon hears from one of his Sinestro Corps members that the daxamites are starting to gain powers when his transmission is cut out. Mongul is a bit surprised by this but welcomes it as he flies back towards Daxam. On the planet’s surface, Green Lantern Arisia holds her hand up blocking out the rays of the sun. Saying her finally goodbyes to Sodam for his sacrifice when she is almost hit by heat vision. Near by all of the daxamites are surging with their new found powers, thanks to the transformation of their sun. Arisia chains them all in bubbles until Senator Yat tells her to stop ordering them around. With their new found powers they can now liberate their planet and keep all over aliens off of it. Arisia counters by telling them. That despite their new found powers, they would not be able to take on the entire Sinestro Corps. That they must strike in the darkness, their own Underground Resistance Corps. That despite having their powers and their anger, it won’t get them their planet back. She will train them and then take them to confront the Sinestro Corps but to save Daxam they might have to kill it.

Over in Sector 666 the Green Lantern Ash takes joy as he kills several of the sectors’ vampires. As revenge for them taking his wife years ago. He is soon disturbed by the Green Lantern Saarek. Who has images of the dead vampires and their victims appearing as constructs around him. Saarek tells Ash that his wife doesn’t want this. That killing in her name is just making her much sadder. Ash rushes Saarek telling him not to speak her name. Saarek continues by saying that Tasha just wants Ash to move on and find peace. Ash tells Saarek to shut up again and then tells him that he is on a mission. Saarek also tells him he is on a similar mission. To find the corpse of the Anti-monitor, the two Green Lanterns soon find out that Scar sent them on this mission for a reason, witch each other as back ups. However, Saarek’s ears start to bleed as he hears more and more of the dead calling from the Black. Ash then asks Saarek if he thinks that this is where the Anti-monitor is hiding but Saarek isn’t sure but they will find out together. Over on Oa, the Green Lanterns continue to struggle with the prison break that Scar unleashed on them. Guy Gardner is about to be killed by a Sinestro Corps member when Bolphunga saves him, saying that no one will kill Guy but him. Guy is a bit relieved but at the same understands Bolly’s reasoning. Kanjar Ro meanwhile fights along side Kyle Rayner, saying that he rather help the Green Lanterns then be killed by the other Sinestro and Red Lantern Corps members. Kyle tells Kanjar if he helps, he’ll make sure Kanjar gets time shaved off his stay on Oa.

Lyssa Drak meanwhile escapes past the Red Lanterns and searches for the Book of Parallax to write their story into it. However, she is lead to the Book of Black. Surprised, Lyssa pears into the book and finds it full of such wonder and power that she must have it. However, Scar soon appears behind her and tells her that it’s her book and if she wants a closer look, she may have it. In doing so, Lyssa is imprisoned within the pages of the book with no way out. On the other side of Oa, the Green Lantern rookies finally over power their superiors to help fight against the escape prisoners but soon find themselves over powered by Sinestro Corps members. Soon, several of the yellow lanterns are killed by the Alpha-Lanterns who have returned to Oa. They quickly take charge and order all Green Lanterns to initiate the Phalanx Directive. In doing so, all the Green Lanterns create solid green barriers around all the prisoners or those who would do harm to Oa and isolate them from everyone else. However, with no peace in mind, Scar finally unleashes the full power of the Book of Black. As the Black Lantern symbol soon destroys Oa’s protective armor. Leaving the entire planet open for attack and the prisoners to leave. End of issue.

Great stuff happening here. Peter Tomasi is getting everything ready for Blackest Night. However, Patrick Gleason’s art seems off at times. His depiction of the prison break and Scar unleashing the Book of Black was great. However, his work on Daxam left a lot to be desire. However, his moments between Ash and Saarek was top notch. Next issue, Emerald Eclipse ends and Blackest Night begins.


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