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SDCC 09: Green Lantern Wrap up

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Everything you needed to know about Green Lantern and the Blackest Night from this past weekend at the San Dieago Comic Convention.

Blackest Night Panel

DCU Editorial Panel

Dan DiDio Talks Blackest Night


Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #13

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Andrew and myself take the week off and leave Kuhan, West, Rayner and Mewzard in charge. Once again, these guys come through with the latest on Green Lantern #44 Tales of the Corps #2 and Green Lantern: First Flight.

Green Lantern Spotlight Episode #13

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Green Lantern Spotlight Episode #13

Even without Ryan OR Andrew on this episode, Kuhan, West, Ray, and Mew trek on for another week of Green Lantern Spotlight!

Kuhan hosts as we discuss Green Lantern #44, Tales of the Corps #2, and limited Comic-Con News. And we also mention Ryan Reynolds for a bit. Be sure to stay to the end for some fun bloopers!

Green Lantern #44 Review

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Only the Good Die Young

On Mars, at the final resting place of J’onn J’onzz better known as the Martian Manhunter. A Black Lantern power ring bursts through his tomb and attaches itself to his hand and then says: “Rise.” Meanwhile back on Earth at the Graveyard of Bruce Wayne. Barry Allen and Hal Jordan better known as the Flash and Green Lantern. Try to figure out why someone would take the head of Bruce Wayne. Barry starts breaking down the facts of who knew that Bruce Wayne was buried there and who truly knew his identity. Hal starts to go through a list of names while Barry analyses the crime scene. He finds a black goo that seems to resemble coagulated blood. However, seen a voice rips through Barry’s mind and they both turn to see the Martian Manhunter has become a Black Lantern. Both shocked, Hal tells his ring to scan J’onn. The ring reports that while it is J’onn J’onzz, his vitals are negative. J’onn looks at both Hal and Barry and sees the color green around Hal, saying that he is the emotion “will” while Barry is covered in blue better known as “hope.” Hal quickly creates a boxing glove with his ring and launches it at J’onn but he goes intangible and then disappears. Barry asks what Hal is doing and he tells Barry that his ring reported the Martian Manhunter has dead and that he wasn’t there for: “milk and cookies.” They are soon both attacked by J’onn who has gone invisible, he soon reappears and grabs Hal saying that they were friends and that he’s come back to help them. He then fires his laser vision at Barry and tells him that Barry has his chance to embrace the speed force and become part of nirvana but he ran away. He then mind links with Barry showing him what would have happened if he left Wally and Iris again. We see Barry turn yellow as he starts to feel fear. J’onn then mind links with Hal and shows him that if he had died sooner as Parallax he would have gone to hell instead of found redemption. However, Hal still shows the green aura of will. J’onn then tells Hal that he no longer feels guilt or rage for being Parallax. His heart is full of will power again and he wants to see. J’onn then goes to sink his hand into Hal’s chest but Barry turns around and speed jumps and pulls Hal away from J’onn. As they fall back to Earth, Barry tells Hal to wake up since the Flash can’t fly.

Hal wakes up just in time to shield the two of them from crashing into a local fire house. As Hal gets back to his senses in front of all the fire fighters. He tries to contact Oa but all communication is down and soon the firehouse starts rocking as J’onn pulls it over on it’s side. Over on Oa in the Citadel of the Guardians of the Universe. Scar watches as Black Lantern powers charge across the universe and the War of Light continues. One of the other Guardians asks why she has betrayed them. She tells them that she has betrayed no one. She is continuing their original mission that set years ago to bring order. That the Manhunters and the Green Lantern Corps failed. She then shows the various corps fighting each other as Black Lantern power rings descend on each world and sector of space. She tells them that it’s time for a new army to save the universe, that emotions have been allow to run to free for too long. That chaos has erupted because of them. She finally realized that as the Anti-monitor’s poisonous burn slowly killed her allowing her to hear the voice of death. That it was time to bring order and that the Black Lanterns are collecting hearts full of splintered emotions and when they are full. Their leader will rise and bring death of the universe and there will finally be peace. She then coughs up more black blood and puts the rest of the Guardians of the Universe back into suspended animation. Back on Earth, Hal has saved Barry and the fire fighters from J’onn’s attack by creating a protective bubble around them. They try to devise a plan to reach the Martian Manhunter they knew and reach his state of mind as Dectective John Jones.

Hal reveals to Barry that in the time he was gone, J’onn became more distant and more alien than the person they once knew. Barry tells Hal that J’onn was never an alien, he was alienated. They are both soon hit by another TK blast and J’onn reveals that Hal never flinched at his appearance but Barry always understood him and that Barry can’t out run death. Barry starts hitting J’onn hoping he’ll snap out of it but it’s soon revealed that J’onn tricked Barry into thinking he saw Hal as J’onn and Hal quickly blasts Barry so he’ll snap out of it. However, it’s too late and J’onn throws Hal into the air towards the bat signal over Gotham City and Barry into the sewers. He tells them that there is no justice and that it’s dead. While over in Sector 1313, John Stewart rests on a asteroid that was once a part of Fatality’s home world of Xanshi. John remembers what the Star Sapphire told him about going to the remains of the planet and forgiving himself like she has. John replies that he’s trying but soon John hears the sounds of Black Lantern power rings heading to his area saying: “Flesh.” Soon they say: “Xanshi.” “Rise.” As the power rings engulf themselves into the various asteroids and start bringing the planet back together. John replies: “Oh damn.” “That ain’t good.” End of issue.

Great pick up issue from Blackest Night #1 as Barry and Hal Jordan battle each other. I like that Geoff Johns is going ahead and revealing what the Black Lanterns are truly trying to do and what their still unknown leader is trying to accomplish. However, the real winner of this story goes to Doug Mahnke who gives us a fantastic story from beginning to end with his art. From the dark and disturbing Black Lantern Martian Manhunter to the great glimpses of the various corps fighting each other. Great issue.

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #12

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Kuhan, West, Ray, Mew, Andrew and myself finally discuss Blackest Night #1 and Tales of the Corps #1. A very indepeth and thoughtful podcast. No, not really, we’re just your Green Lantern fans talking about stuff you guys know and love.

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #12

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Episode #12

Episode 12 is finally here! So much topic that it’s…. very late. We apologize for the lateness, but a lot’s been happening in Ryan’s life and he couldn’t find time to edit. And then Kuhan had to edit some end parts, Andrew was on his way to Comic-Con, but it’s here!

The group talks about Blackest Night #1, Tales of the Corps #1, Ryan Reynolds, and Everyone’s an asshole except Kuhan.


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Hey everyone, I bet a lot of you have been wondering why the updates have been so slow of late and more podcasts. Well, truth is, my life and all the other guys’ lives have been pretty busy of late. For me, I got engaged a few weeks ago and we’re busy planning the wedding for this October. A friend of mine also was in a recent motorcycle accident and had to have surgery and also developed pneumonia too. So, we’ve been praying and focusing on her too. A lot of us have also been going on various vacations and doing interviews around the web and it’s convention time now. So, we’re keeping things up to date as fast and as often as possible. Right now this site pretty much takes up all my net time with a little time devoted to my love of Spider-Girl and the Cosmic Marvel Universe. Don’t worry, though, things will start to balance out in the next two months with the relaunch of the new Green Lantern Corps website and a few other things. We’ll continued to rock your Green Lantern lead lives!

Blackest Night #1 Review

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Blackest Night part 1

In Gotham City at the grave site of the Wayne Family, Black Hand holds the skull of Batman in his hands. He says he hears him out there in deep space. That his children are buzzing like flies. That he is hungry. Over in Sector 666 where the Black Central Power Battery rests. A voice answers: “yes.” “I am hungry.” Black Hand then replies that no one escapes death, that the dead will rise and that Batman is connected to them all. With that thousands of black power rings emerge from the battery and spread across the universe. The next day in Coast City, Hal Jordan speaks that when Superman originally died, a national day of mourning was declared. Since his return, every year everyone comes out to honor the fallen heroes around the country. Hal Jordan, John Stewart, Guy Gardner and Kyle Rayner along with the air force. Head to the Coast City Memorial and light up a power battery to honor the fallen such as Hal’s father, Abin Sur and the original Coast City. As they celebrate, Hal remembers his fellow Green Lanterns’ loses. Such as Katma Tui, the planet Xanshi, Kyle’s girlfriend, Alex and of course Jade during Infinite Crisis. He also goes on to say that Guy got a happy ending with the reuniting with Ice. Each of the Green Lanterns take off to continue the honoring of the lost. Over in Smallville, Clark, Connor and Martha Kent visit Jonathan Kent’s grave while over in Pittsburgh, Professor Stein visits the grave of the original Firestorm with the two current. Moni questions Jason since while it’s raining around them, everything is dying. Over in San Francisco, the newly returned Bart Allen tells Cassie that that all the statues of the fallen Titans should be taken down. While over in Avernus in Central City, the Rogues honor their fallen dead. While in Chicago Booster Gold, Guy, Ice, Fire and Black Canary remember Ted Kord. Finally members of the Justice League and Justice Society honor their dead at Valhalla Cemetery. Looking at all they have lost.

Over in Amnesty Bay, Mera and Tempest argue about where Arthur Curry better known as Aquaman is buried. Tempest tells Mera that he should be laid at rest in the oceans. While Mera tells Tempest that it was the surface that showed him peace and that’s where he should be. Tempest replies: “The dirt is no place for a king of the sea.” As dead fish start to wash up on shore. Back in Gothan City, Alfred Pennyworth goes to lay flowers on Bruce Wayne’s grave only to find his grave has been ravaged and saying that he made a terrible mistake. Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice, Hal Jordan meets up with Barry Allen at the morgue. Where Barry questions about all the remains of fallen villains being left there. Hal talks about the super human organ harvesting going on recently. Barry starts to asks who else has died since he has been gone. Hal uses his power ring and shows the various heroes that have fallen since Barry left. Barry takes pause at Firestorm’s death but more about Sue and Ralph Dibny. Over in St. Roch, the Atom chats to Hawkman about going over his dead wife’s last will and testament but Carter won’t deal with it. That Jean became an insane killer and murdered people that did nothing wrong in life and then smashes the phone when the Atom tries to reason with him. A short time later, Barry asks Hal about what is going on with Carol, Hal says that she is back running Ferris Air, where she’s safe. However, it’s revealed she is on Zamaron battling members of the Sinestro Corps with her fellow Star Sapphires. Alfred soon calls them saying that Bruce’s grave has been decimated. Over on Oa, the Guardians of the Universe see that the War of Light has broken out and that a darkness is moving across the universe from Sector 666. They have failed, Ganthlet was right and they must call a cold black as black power rings are head towards them. However, Scar tells them that she won’t let them and bites into the neck of her fellow guardian before ripping out his heart. AS the other Guardians try to stop Scar, the black rings break through the Green Lantern Crypt and other rings reach various fallen heroes and villains and others. They all rise from the dead as Black Lanterns to a shocked Green Lantern Corps. While on Earth, a Black Lantern Martian Manhunter attacks Barry and Hal saying: “You should both be dead.”

Back in St. Roch Hawkgirl starts to reason with Hawkman about visiting the Atom when they attacked by a Black Lantern Ralph and Sue. Hawkgirl is stabbed through the chest by Sue while Ralph goes on to beat Hawkman to death with his own mace, saying how much Hawkgirl hates him. Kendra manages to tell Carter that it’s untrue and that she does love him before she finally dies. Angered and ready to kill the two Black Lanterns, he is finally killed by Ralph who rips out his heart and goes on to charge his and Sue’s power rings with it. When Black Hand emerges from the shadows saying they won’t escape death this time. As two black power rings attach themselves to their bodies and say: “Rise.” So ends issue #1.

This issue was freaking great and that’s all I have to say!

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode 11.5 – The Rickroll Episode

We’re here with a special episode having almost nothing to do with Green Lantern featuring the famous Mr. LittleKuriboh, creator of Yu-Gi-Oh The Abridged Series! Check it out!

The Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #11

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Green Lantern Spotlight Episode #11

Join Ryan, West, Andrew, Kuhan, Mew and Ray as they discuss the final prologue issue of Green Lantern before BLACKEST NIGHT begins. Black Hand’s twisted re imagined origin and the reveal of the Star Sapphire entity, Green Lantern #43 provided much to talk about. Not to mention the rumors of Justin Timberlake starring as Hal Jordan in the live action film.

GL Spotlight Album Art

GL Spotlight Album Art

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