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Green Lantern Corps #38 Review

Posted in Uncategorized by mrread7 on July 1, 2009

Emerald Eclipse the conclusion

On Oa the Green Lantern Corps from rookies to Alpha-Lanterns can’t help but stare into the void of space as the protective shield around Oa has been destroyed secretly by Scar. As Salaak tries to get his ring to figure out what happened, he finds out that a seismic anomaly destroyed the shell at zero points along the entire shield. When Salaak asks how such a thing was possible the ring tells him that all pertinent information will be uploaded to the main citadel computers but access is restricted. As one Green Lantern rookie wonders how something like this could have happened, Kyle Rayner realizes that this changes everything. Oa is tied to the universe and vice versa and now the symbol of the universe has been decimated. Guy Gardner says that with so many pieces floating around the galaxy they are going to be a target but Kilowog doesn’t care. They’ll show what the Green Lantern Corps is made up of. The Alpha-Lanterns soon take off to take care of the prisoners since they are a more clear and present danger and must be secured. Guy tells Kyle how much he doesn’t like the Alpha-Lanterns because they’ve screwed up twice now and Kyle agrees. Meanwhile, back on Korugar, a revived Iolande asks if what Sinestro told Soranik Natu about her being his daughter is true. Natu wants to believe it’s all a lie but she knows he’s telling the truth. That in some twisted way, this was him being a loving father to her. However, she’ll worry about that later and tries to remove her facial tattoo so she won’t be “branded” by her father anymore. However, as much as she tries, it won’t come off. Iolande says that it as much of a part of her as her “father.” However, Soranik replies that everything she knew of Sinestro was of a vile monster and that Dgibb Natu was her father and Karoll was her mother and they deserve that honor. However, Iolande talks about how their blood is tied but Natu responds they were cut when she entered the Natu house that day. Now her tattoo will serve as a reminder of how much she hates her true father.

On Daxam, Arisia and the rest of the now “super” men and women of Daxam attack and cut through the Sinestro Corps. Leaving Mongul no choice but to flee Daxam with the Sinestro Corps and regroup else where. Back on Oa, the Guardians of the Universe return to Oa with their Green Lanterns after facing Agent Orange and the Orange Lantern Corps of the Vega system. They find Oa exposed. The rest of the Green Lanterns on Oa have finally started clean up of the planet and all prisoners that they know of have been rounded up and the various Sinestro Corps power rings have been locked up again. Alpha-Lantern Varix then joins the Guardians and updates them on the prisoners. Later, Salaak alerts Kyle and Guy that there have been several ring discharges in Unit Bloc 765 and they are Alpha-Lantern discharges. Which leads Guy and Kyle to take off and find that the Alpha-Lanterns are executing the prisoners one by one. They have just killed Sinestro Corps member, Ugg-I of Sector 53 when Guy and Kyle bust in keeping them from killing Alexander Nero next. The Alpha-Lanterns tells Kyle and Guy they have been given authority to kill off the prisoners by decree of the Guardians of the Universe. Guy tells them they can’t kill off people in cold blood no matter what they did. Green Man disagrees and soon kills off Alexander Nero. When Kyle and Guy jump in front of Kajar Ro and Bolphunga. Kyle tells the Alpha-Lanterns that they made promises to these prisoners for the ones who helped to round up the other escapees. The Alpha-Lanterns tell them that the Guardians don’t except that and that the prisoners still escaped and in doing so, are sanctioned to be executed. Kyle tells them this stop here, this has never happened before so why now. Varix tells Kyle he does not speak for the corps and that the honor guard have no merit here and the killers will be erased from the universe forever. Kyle and Guy won’t have it, they will have their trials and due process.

Green Man tells them that the letter of the law has been noted and execution is the order of the day and goes to kill Bolphunga but Guy charges his ring ready to strike. Chaselon tells them that they are preventing a guardian decree but Kyle tries to reason with them. He asks why they are doing this so blindly and why in secret and why isn’t this being added as the 5th law to the Book of Oa. Scar soon appears with the rest of the Guardians of the Universe. She tells them that they will be taken public for all to see. She also says that this is valid and righteous and that the prisoners forfeited their lives years ago. However, Kyle asks where will it stop? How long much longer will they go on for an “eye for an eye.” Why now? Scar tells them that the Green Lantern Corps must be all will and no heart, hence no emotion. Kyle asks is this how they want to go down? Guy tells Kyle to stop wasting his breath, at least they get to keep their promise to Kajar and Bolphunga but they won’t stand for the rest. Varix asks if they should detain Kyle and Guy but Scar instead sends them back to Earth. Scar them tells them to continue but another Guardian tells the Alphas that the other prisoners will be spared as promise. Hence the others are killed in front of them. Later, deep in space as the various colors of the seven corps light up the night skies, several asteroids shatter and Black Lantern power rings seek out “flesh”. The Blackest Night has begun. With that Emerald Eclipse comes to an end. I have to say, everything on Oa was great and Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason give us some great stuff. However, everything with Daxam was just lame and poorly wrapped up. I know we’ll get the final conclusion to Mongul in Blackest Night the next couple of months but this ending was as I said: “lame.” For Natu, some nice character moments there other wise nothing else. Bring on the Blackest Night.


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