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My Wizard World Chicago Experience

Posted in News by mrread7 on August 10, 2009

Greetings everyone, it’s Monday and I’m back from the comic con and I have to say, I was very disappointed and so was my 18 year old brother. While it’s been widely publicized since Thursday night. There was a huge lack of booths this year from any named company, sans Aspen. Great vendors though this year, my brother and I picked up some great trades this year for a fraction of the cost anywhere else. Artists Alley was nice but was a major mess. We had people moved to differ ant areas and others not arriving until late in the day. Panels were majorly lacking with only the Mark Millar panels and DC Nation as the best. Mark is a hilarious guy and he picked up our spirits but still… this was lacking. Even worse, my brother and I finally met up with Dan Slott after 4 years and the volunteers were letting guys with like 50 comics including Dan’s old Ren and Stimpy days sign. In 45 minutes, the like moved a whopping 4 people until frustrated fans started yelling at the other fan boys. Then about 25 people moved in less than 10 minutes, including yours truly.

With everything said and done, my brother and I sadly walked away feeling we had wasted 200 dollars from gas to tickets to parking. After 12 years, the two of us are seriously reviewing Chicago next year if we bother to go. Chicago was full of washed up celebrities trying to get 60 dollars for autographs and lacking big name creators outside of Artist Alley. A very bad experience indeed.


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