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Blackest Night #2 Review

Posted in blackest night by mrread7 on August 13, 2009

Blackest Night part 2

In Ivy Town, the Atom receives a return call from Hawkman. The Atom explains that he understands why Carter is so angry with him. However, he also explains that when he first met his wife, she was the beautiful and intelligent woman. That he has spent so many years trying to understand the universe, he found someone who understood him and he found love. He just needs to find peace with that with her will. Carter tells him he understands and to head on over, despite the fact that both Hawkman and Hawkgirl has been turned into Black Lanterns. The Atom replies: “I’ll be right there.” Over in Gotham City, Commissioner James Gordan is visited by his daughter, Barbabra who brings him a cup of hot coffee. Jim tells his daughter that the night seems darker than usual and he has yet to hear from Batman and Robin. He says he’s having a feeling he hasn’t had since the original Batgirl disappeared. That it felt like some one has left forever and there wasn’t anything he could do about it. Babs tells her father that she felt the same way after she was shot and ended up in a wheel chair. That all the hard work she had to do was so tiring and felt like there were no light ahead of her. Yet, she remembered what a sign on a gym wall said to her: “No matter how dark the night gets, the sun still rises in the morning.” Since then, she’s always gotten up 2 hours before sunrise, gotten herself together and watched the sun rise. She loves her life, every single day of it. Jim calls her “amazing” and Babs replies: “Like father, like daughter.” At that instance, Hal Jordan better known as Green Lantern crashes into the bat signal.

Over in Amnesty Bay, both Tempest and Mera returned to Aquaman’s grave with several Atlantis soldiers to take the king back to oceans to be laid to rest with the other kings of Atlantis. However, when they arrive, they find the grave dug up and soon Aquaman appears before all of them as a Black Lantern and sees that they are all feeling fear before ripping out one of the soldier’s hearts and powering up his ring. Back in Gotham City, Boston Brand better known as Deadman hears all the voices of the dead as multiple heroes and villains are brought back to life as Black Lanterns. He soon sees a black power ring appear at his own grave site and he pleads with it to keep him dead but soon his body is brought back as a Black Lantern. Over in Washington DC, black power rings approach the graves of Hank and Don Hall the original Hawk and Dove. However, Don is viewed at being at peace and cannot be brought back as a Black Lantern, Hank on the other hand, is. Back in Amnesty Mera and Tempest fight Aquaman but are unable to beat him back. Aquaman tells Mera that she has to join them and have their son be brought back too. Soon, Black Lantern version of Dolphin and Tula attack Tempest saying that they were both his love. The remaining Atlantis soldiers try to fight their former king but Aquaman summons various sharks that kill and eat them. Leaving little hope for anyone. Later, at Boston Brand’s grave, the Spectre, Blue Devil, Phantom Stanger and Zatanna view the evil that is erupting around them. They are soon confronted by the Black Lantern, Pariah who unleashes more black power rings that attack the Spectre and turn his host, Crispus Allen into a Black Lantern and take full control of the Spectre who then replies: “I want Hal Jordan back!”

Back in Gotham City, as Hal Jordan recovers, the Black Lantern Martian Manhunter is busy attacking Barry Allen, better known as the Flash. Hal asks if he can use the commissioner’s car. While Barry continues to run circles around J’onn and dropping various chemicals around him. Hal soon appears with a police car and uses it to ignite the various chemicals burning the Martian Manhunter. Back in the bay, Tempest freezes Dolphin’s head with his powers and shatters it but it soon reforms and they pull out Tempest’s heart since his now feeling hope for them and is transformed into a Black Lantern. They then all go after Mera telling her to join them but she flees. Hal and Barry quickly regroup and plan on taking J’onn’s body back to Mars as more Black Lanterns rise around the universe, including Abin Sur. Soon, the two heroes are confronted with a reformed Martian Manhunter, Hawkman, Hawkgirl, Elongated Man, Sue Dibny and Firestorm who intend to take out both of the heroes.

Once again, a great issue by Geoff Johns and Ivan Reis. I also like there are already weaknesses appearing to the Black Lantern rings, they can’t bring back those who are at peace in both life and death. I am also surprised, that Black Lanterns can’t really power up until a certain emotion is felt from their victims. Lot’s of great stuff going on. The back up feature with Black Hand’s notes about Hawkman and Hawkgirl were very insightful. I’m looking forward to the next chapter dealing with rage.


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