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Green Lantern Corps #39 Review

Posted in blackest night,Blue Lantern Corps,green lantern corps by mrread7 on August 13, 2009

Fade to Black

Taking place during Blackest Night #1, after leaving Coast City and Earth behind. Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner head back to Oa to deal with the Guardians of the Universe sending them back to Earth earlier. They talk about what they did on Earth from Guy having a picnic with Ice to Kyle visiting Jade’s grave. Guy talks to Kyle about Jade and Kyle reveals that when he had looked into the Star Sapphire tiara not too long ago. It wasn’t Soranik Natu he saw, it was Jade, however he is falling in love with Natu. Guy tells Kyle to relax, he knows Kyle will always love Jade and that he has Soranik now and that he should try and be happy. The two soon run into Soranik and Princess Iolande who are returning from Korugar. They explain that despite the failing of Sinestro’s execution, they have been able to settle things down. However, when Iolande wants to reveal that Sinestro is really Natu’s daughter, she is kept quiet. As they approach Oa, Soranik and Iolande and shocked to see the protective shell gone but they have little time to reflect. Soon, their rings alert them of unknown power rings approaching them and they are swarmed by the Black Lantern power rings. Over on Daxam, the populace are killing off the various surviving members of the Sinestro Corps. Arisia tries to stop them but Senator Yat tells her they are cleaning their planet. With the power they now have, they can keep all “alien influence” off their planet. That includes her. Arisia punches the senator saying she is a racist bastard and that Sodam was right, they weren’t worth saving. She then takes off and approaches the Daxam sun, which shows Sodam Yat trapped in it. She tells him, that he was right and that she should have told him how she truly felt about him but can’t now. She then takes back off towards Oa.

Over in Sector 3599 on the Sinestro Corps member, Kryb’s home world. The various children she has stolen are crying out for her, saying they are hungry and are eating the various creatures around them. While over on Zamaron, Tekik is freeing Kryb from the imprisonment from the Star Sapphires. Back on Krogugar, Mongul and his members of the Sinestro Corps are taking over the planet. Saying they will remove the last of Sinestro’s influence and make the planet the home of the Mongul Corps. Back on Oa, as Guy, Kyle, Soranik and Iolande race back to the planet. They try to keep the black power rings from reaching the surface by they break through all their barriers and soon do the same to the Green Lantern Corps who are still on Oa. The rings make their way to the Green Lantern Crypt where Morro intends to fight them off with his dratures but they can’t not stop the rings and they bring back all the various Green Lanterns as Black Lanterns. Leaving the dratures to carry an injured Morro to safety and the Green Lantern Corps left to face the various Black Lanterns who were once their friends but nothing can prepare Kyle when a Black Lantern Jade jumps him saying: “It’s time for you to realize, kyle that… two hearts are better than one.” End of issue. A great tie in to Blackest Night explaining how Kyle and Guy and the various Green Lanterns got back to Oa when the Black Lantern power rings came. Also a nice follow up for the upcoming fight with Sinestro and the Star Sapphire Corps and Mongul. As for Daxam, no big surprise, we all saw that coming but how is Sodam going to get out of the sun?


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