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The Predator of Love

Posted in Profiles,Star Sapphires by mrread7 on August 22, 2009

Hello everyone. It’s been a while but I haven’t had time to do a profile on anyone in a while. So, I decided that I would take a look at the Violet entity of the Star Sapphire Corps, the Predator. You might wonder just what this thing is or that it’s just some new character created for The Blackest Night. Well, the truth is, the Predator has been around for a while and it all started with Carol Ferris herself. When Carol Ferris was cured of her evil Star Sapphire persona, she developed a third subconscious identity, the male “Predator”. Deprived of Hal Jordan’s love at the time, Carol found everything she wanted from a man in the Predator – masculinity, strength, and care. Physically separated from Carol’s body, the Predator repeatedly appeared as a mysterious figure, protecting Carol’s beloved company Ferris Aircraft from the threats of Eclipso, the Demolition Team and Jason Bloch. He also established the company Intercontinental Petroleum (Con-Trol) to let her regain control of Ferris Aircraft. Finally, the Predator started to court Carol (who did not know that the Predator was a part of herself) and battled Hal Jordan for her love. Hal defeated the Predator and witnessed him merging with Carol into Star Sapphire.
Later, the Predator reappeared and revealed that he was actually an ancient parasite from the planet Maltus. With Jordan powerless, the Predator transformed Carol into a totally evil incarnation of Star Sapphire (who eventually murdered Katma Tui), and he impregnated Star Sapphire with a demonic entity.

Still later, Carol became the administrator of Extreme Justice’s Mount Thunder facility. Soon, both the Predator and Star Sapphire were completely separated from Carol, and Star Sapphire actually gave birth to the child. It was revealed that Carol Ferris and Star Sapphire are two separate beings, and Sapphire was not Carol transformed as had previously been believed, but some sort of energy-based being who inhabited Carol’s body. Shortly afterwards, the parents (Predator and Star Sapphire) were killed by Neron, who departed with their baby in his arms. (Extreme Justice #10-11)
An entity named (by Scar) as “the Predator” was later revealed (or retconned, if it’s in fact the same being) as one of the manifestations in the emotional spectrum; the living embodiment of love. The entity is shown being held by the Zamarons on their home world.

Brings new meaning to the word: “love bug.”

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