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Animated Green Lantern

Posted in green lantern by mrread7 on September 4, 2009

  With First Flight now on the shelves for almost two months. I was thinking about the upcoming and past appearances of Green Lantern the last few years. I have to say they have been either a hit or a miss. You have classics like Super Friends, Justice League Unlimited, Duck Dodgers and New Frontier. While others have been kind of lost to us. With First Flight it was great seeing the GLC animated the way they should look right up to Sinestro in his yellow lantern form. However, there really hasn’t been a well focused animation on GL for a while. I had hoped during the last 90s that we would have seen Kyle or Hal take on the small screen. Though we got some nice fill ins, nothing along the lines of JLU or the old Batman and Superman animated series. Green Lantern is a very hot topic right now, while I can see DC doing what Marvel has recently done with the current animated features. Like Wolverine and the X-men, Spectactular Spider-man and Iron Man. I’m surprised DC hasn’t tried to put our more but their DVDs are selling. Especially with Public Enemies coming out in the fall.

  I think eventually, there will be a set of animated DC characters coming to the small screen before Disney and Marvel decide to hit up more networks with the rumored Spider-Girl animated series and the Avengers. What I’m trying to really say is; with the right writers and care, Green Lantern could be a hit in the animated field. Instead of seeing what sticks to the wall.


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