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Green Lantern Corps #40 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on September 10, 2009
Heart of Darkness
  As Arisia Raab speeds back to Oa after leaving Daxam. She arrives to find the planet exposed to space and is unable to communicate with any one on the planet. She is soon stopped by the appearance of her father, who has now been turn into a Black Lantern. Both her mother and grandfather then approach her. Shocked to see them all, she feels: fear, love and hope. Her family says they will finally be back together. Closer to the Oa’s surface, Kyle Rayner is held in the arms of his dead girlfriend, Jade. Who tells him not that they will finally be together and that his heart, wants what it wants. However, just when it seems that Jade is about to pull out Kyle’s heart full of: will, love, hope and compassion. Kyle blasts Jade in the face, knowing it’s not her. That no matter what she looks like or who she says she is. She is not Jennifer. Jade constantly regenerates as Kyle continues to burn her with his power ring.  Over in Sector 3599, the Star Sapphire, Miri has recaptured Kryb, but she pleads with the Star Sapphire to help her find her missing children on her home world. After some thought, Miri sees that Kryb does have love for her “children” and she will help Kryb find them.
 Back on Oa, Salaak, Vath and Ismot search for the missing Guardians of the Universe. Vath notices that there were only 8 holding cocoons and not 9. Salaak is kept from proceeding farther when the Alpha-Lanterns show up saying they are now in charge. Salaak yells at them, saying: “They are in charge of nothing.” The Alpha-Lanterns counter saying that with the Guardians gone, they have full jurisdiction over Oa. However, Salaak activates an unknown emergency message from the Guardians. Saying that Salaak has full control over everything with the Green Lantern Corps and the leads of the Green Lantern Honor Guard. The Alpha-Lanterns go silent. Salaak then orders them to stay in line. He then orders that all Green Lantern rings that leave a deceased user must return to Mogo until farther notice. He then takes off to deal with the Black Lanterns with Ismot and Vath. Meanwhile, Kyle is still battling Jade who then gets the upper hand and imprisons him in a black power ring construct of the Black Lantern symbol and tortures him with visions of all the women who have died that Kyle once loved.
  Over on the other side of the planet, all the dead Sinestro Corps members and criminals that were executed by the Alpha-Lanterns rise as Black Lanterns. They start plowing through the various Green Lanterns and the now Black Lantern, Bzzd flies through various Green Lanterns killing them and charging up the various Black Lantern power rings. Guy Gardner catches him with a pair of chopsticks created by his ring and tells Bzzd that this isn’t him. Bzzd tells Guy that now he is respected in death then when he was alive. He tries to break free but Guy crushes him before Ke’haan impales Guy in his left leg. Back on the planet, Vora, Kryb and Miri can find no trace of the children, someone else has taken them. Miri uses a heart tether from her ring to help track them down. Over in the Green Lantern Infirmary, various Black Lanterns start taking the hearts of the sick there before Soranik Natu and Princess Iolande come to the rescue telling them to keep their hands off of them.
  End of issue.
A really fun issue that really puts Oa in the spotlight amidst the Blackest Night. However, while this issue is highly character driven. The issue still feels a bit filler but it was still a good issue by Tomasi and Gleason. 

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