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Blackest Night #3 Review

Posted in blackest night by mrread7 on September 16, 2009
Blackest Night part 3
 In New York City at Columbia University, Jason Rause and his girlfriend, Jennifer talks about what they should do for a date. However, when Gen brings up what happened at dinner, Jason get’s defensive. Jason admits that when they are linked as Firestorm, he sees that she wants to be married and wants a family. Something that Jason isn’t ready for, he has just gotten use to the fact of being a super hero and a college student. Gen asks then maybe they shouldn’t be Firestorm anymore. They are soon alerted by the their JLA beeper. Back in Gotham City, Hal Jordan and Barry Allen are still battling their former friends, who have now been turned into Black Lanterns. As Barry gets a bit of a handle of things, Ronnie Raymon, the original Firestorm starts using his powers to get a handle on Barry but is tricked when Ronnie tries to pull out Barry’s heart. Barry instead tries to remove the Black Lantern power ring. In doing so, Ronnie is put in sever pain and Barry learns that these Black Lanterns aren’t really their fallen friends. They look and sound like them and even have their memories but aren’t them. They soon start to loose the tide of battle when the Atom enlarges from Hawkman’s ring and punches out his former friend.
   Ray reveals that he shrunk down into Carter’s Black Lantern power ring when the Hawks tried killing him after he arrived. He saw that the power rings are like dark matter and are fueling power to the various Black Lanterns from a central source, while they absorb the various emotions. Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice, Gen and Jason arrive as Firestorm. They see the world wide alert of the various cities and countries fighting off Black Lanterns. They soon attacked by Mera, who has retreated to the hall. She ends up telling her story of what happened and that they must keep the Black Lantern power rings from reaching the various dead villains in the morgue. Back in Gotham, the Black Lanterns finally start beating back the heroes but just before the Dibney’s can pull out the Atom’s heart, Idigo-1 and the rest of the Indigo Tribe attack the Black Lanterns. They soon channel the power of will power from Hal Jordan and are able to destroy Sue and Ralph’s rings, causing the two Black Lanterns to turn back into dust. They then teleport everyone back to the Hall of Justice and join Mera and Firestorm. Confused, they ask who Indigo-1 is. She starts to finally speak English and lights up her staff, to tell the tale.
  That before the Universe began, there was nothing but darkness. Then white light emerge and fought against the darkness. In doing so, the white light of life was splintered into seven different colors of emotions that went into all sentient life across the universe. Various others were able to then focus and harness the various lights such as: Atrocitus, Larfleeze, The Guardians of the Universe with the Green Lantern Corps. Sinestro, Saint Walker and the Zamarons with the Star Sapphire Corps. While the Indigo Tribe were able to channel the light of compassion and were able to then absorb and focus their light with the various other colors. She then explains that they must bring all the various corps back together to reform the white light and fight the darkness before it complete awakens and destroys everything. Hal learns that Carol Ferris has rejoined the Star Sapphires and that Sinestro is there with her. He needs to leave and get them.
  Barry quickly stops him saying that Hal is still flying off half cocked. Like he always has, that they need a plan. Hal then replies that Barry has been doing the same, while Hal lives each day like it’s his first. Barry has been living each day like it’s his last. That when Barry was first the Flash, he learned to slow down and get to know everyone and everything. Now he speeds through life and leaves nothing behind. Barry reveals that he knows this and after the Reverse Flash brought him back, he has been slowly learning to slow down. However, Hal has to do the same if they are to make it through everything. Hal agrees by they are soon attacked by the Black Lantern: Firestorm, Hawks and Martian Manhunter. The Indigo Tribe quickly teleports Hal Jordan away while both Firestorms battle. Ronnie sees that Jason has some woman in his head and uses his powers to separate the two. Jason reaches out to fight Ronnie but is absorbed into Ronnie instead. Ronnie then starts torturing Gen to get Jason to unleash his various emotions and knowledge for chemical formulas. Finally, he pushes Jason too far and then kills Gen by turning her into table salt. Which leaves Jason to admit that he loves Jennifer and that he wants to marry her but she instead lays dead. With all his emotions admitted, Ronnie starts fueling all his emotions to the Black Lantern Central Power Battery. While more Black Lantern power rings break in and all the various villain bodies from Dr. Light to Alexander Luthor rise as Black Lanterns.
   Finally, we get this story moving at a great pace. While, the cliffhanger isn’t a large impact, what the Indigo Tribe reveals is. Basically this war is a fight between Life and Death and the various beings caught in the middle. The revelations of the fact that the various corps need to come together isn’t that big of a shock. However, how they relate to each other is. Geoff Johns writes a wonderfully engaging tale while Ivan Reis blows us away with his art. I want that Indigo two-page pin up as a poster on my wall. 

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