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Green Lantern #46 Review

Posted in green lantern by mrread7 on October 1, 2009
On Zamaron, the various Star Sapphires battle the Black Lanterns as Queen  Aga’po tells her fellow Zamarons that the love entity known as the Predator must not escape the planet. Elsewhere on the planet, Sinestro and Carol Ferris battle Amon Sur who has been transformed into a Black Lantern. He is quickly consumed by Slushh but soon Black Lantern rings dive into Slushh and bring all the dead bodies in him, including Amon back as Black Lanterns. Sinestro and his corps try to regroup when Indigo-1 and 2 appear with Hal Jordan in tow. Ha is upset with her, since they left his friends back on Earth to battle with the Black Lantern Justice League. Indigo-1 tells him that it is important that they came here for the Zamarons. Indigo tells him that they are wrong about love conquering all, since Hal is a living example of that. Hal says that doesn’t sound like a comment, Indigo tells him it wasn’t meant to be.
  All three soon channel the power of both will power, compassion and fear and destroy more Black Lanterns before Indigo-1 sends Indigo-2 away back to Oa to alert the rest of the Green Lanterns to protect the planet. Hal continues to tell Indigo-1 they should have not left his friends. Indigo tells him they can’t go back due to the lack of power of compassion; they have to keep moving forward. Carol soon joins the two and asks how they are able to destroy the Black Lanterns. Hal explains that they have to sanitize the rings with light. Whatever color they have, it causes them to turn brittle and then shatter. Which they do to Duel and they are soon destroyed. Hal then asks why Carol is back to being a Star Sapphire, she explains he volunteered in order to help him as the ring told her. Hal tells Carol never to trust any guardian unless it’s Ganthet. Soon, Sinestro attacks the two and a fight breaks out before Indigo separates the two and explains to Sinestro that Abin once told her to seek him out when the Blackest Night came. Two black lantern power rings that bring the figures of the Star Sapphire Central Power Battery back and are revealed to be Khufu and Chay-ara of Earth, the original Hawkman and Hawkgirl soon interrupt them.
  In doing so, Zamaron is destabilized and the Predator is freed from its prison and violet light floods into the Black Lantern Central Power Battery. Indigo quickly teleports the four of them away from the planet but alerts Scar in the process on Ryut. She orders all Black Lanterns that are unengaged to follow the indigo light. Elsewhere, in space sector 1313 the newly return Xanshi hovers infront of John Stewart. As he tries to contact the GLC, he hears a voice that tells him that they help him save everyone. John soon heads towards the planet. On Korugar, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Carol Ferris and Indigo-1 teleport in but her powers are at 47%. Indigo explains that they must unite the other corps to end this war but Sinestro restrains her wanting answers of who she is and why she brought them back to his home world. She explains that she brought him what he needs and soon Mongul appears; ready to finally challenge Sinestro for control of the corps. A battle ensues between the two. However, Mongul eventually gets the upper hand, he explains that he will die and that the corps will between known as the Mongul Corps.
 However, Sinestro soon explains that he needed to get close enough to Mongul to activate the yellow power rings safe guards. The rings quickly attack Mongul, severing his arm again and soon the Yellow Central Power Battery is dropped on Mongul. Sinestro doesn’t kill him he instead will keep him in constant pain until the Blackest Night is over and then he will kill Mongul. The rest of his corps swear their allegiance back to Sinestro but none of them get any rest when Abin and Arin Sur appears as Black Lanterns before everyone.
   Green Lantern #46 was an all action issue with nice characterization that Geoff Johns builds through out the entire issue. Enjoyed the banter between all the four main characters and the battle between Sinestro and Mongul was top notch. Thank you Doug Mahnke for some great space battles between the various lanterns.

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