The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

Count down to my Wedding: 2 Weeks to GO

Posted in News,Wedding by mrread7 on October 7, 2009

  Yep, you read right, the count down to my wedding is under way. Two weeks from Saturday, I will no longer be a bachelor but a married man. I know, lots of you are saying congrats and others are saying to run and hide. I have to say I’m both excited and nervous about my up coming nuptials and I have to say I’m very tired. You realize once you get the church squared away, the rings almost paid for and a few other things. It’s those minor details that jump out at you to get finish. Such as wedding programs for the church, getting a hair cut and making sure everyone knows how to get there. I’m also in the middle of doing some home improvement work on my place before the future Mrs. Read moves in. So, I’m doing it all and studying karate and enjoying a great issue of Green Lantern and Nova in the process. I’m happy but I’m tired but in 2 weeks, I’m heading down the aisle.


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