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Blackest Night #4 Review

Posted in blackest night by mrread7 on November 6, 2009

  In Washington DC at the Hall of Justice, the Flash, Mera, the Atom fight against the various Black Lanterns as Black Hand makes his way into the Coast City graveyard. The Black Lantern Firestorm soon appears with the newly risen Justice League villains that have been killed over the years. The Flash is able to dodge most of their attacks until Firestorm tries to pull out Barry’s heart. He is however, stopped when Jason is able to take control of Firestorm briefly. Jason quickly tells his friends that there is a voice in the Black Lantern power rings. That it wants Barry and that he has to run and fast. Soon, Ronnie takes back control of his Black Lantern form and Barry creates a whirlwind allowing the Atom to teleport the three of them out through a local phone line. Over in Gotham City, the Scarecrow is faced with the various Black Lanterns and they see he feels no fear or anything. The Scarecrow soon reveals he fears nothing anymore but the Batman.
  In Metropolis, Lex Luthor is contacted by the various members of the Secret Society about the Black Lantern attacks. He tells them they are not are “the same team” and that it’s every man for himself. As he checks the various people he has killed over the years that would want him dead now as Black Lanterns. Elsewhere, as the Black Lantern Justice League tries to locate their former friends. Barry assembles Mera and the Atom. Saying they are the Justice League now, that Mera has to be Wonder Woman and the Atom has to be Batman. They need to get everyone else together and fight against the Black Lanterns. Mera is completely in doubt as Arthur and now Garth have been killed and resurrected into Black Lanterns. She says it’s easy for Barry to regroup since he isn’t an outsider. Barry yells at Mera telling him it’s so hard for him to slow down now. They have to keep going if they are going to fight against the Black Lanterns. They need to run in and take charge, that’s what they were born to do. He then takes off; Mera then asks if she is supposed to be Wonder Woman, what does that make Barry? The Atom answers: “The Flash.”
  Over in Manhattan, the Justice Society is fighting off their former friends when the Atom and Mera teleport through to aid them while Barry speeds around the globe telling the various heroes they have to regroup and push through. That there is a plan and Green Lantern and the other corps are working on it. Soon, Black Hand arrives at his parents old home and tells the skull he holds that it’s all here. The lie that the Guardians of the Universe have left hidden until now. Later, Alan Scott uses his power ring to try and fight back against the various Black Lanterns but his ring works differently since it’s not powered the same way as the rest of the Green Lantern Corps. Soon, the original Atom appears as a Black Lantern and fights against Atom Smasher, Damage and the current Atom. A huge fight breaks out and the current Atom, Ray Palmer breaks through the evil Black Lantern saying they need to keep pushing. However, it allows Damage to feel hope and his father tears out his heart, allowing the Central Black Lantern Power Battery to reach “100%” Soon, Scar teleports the Central Battery to Coast City which causes Barry to stop in his tracks hearing a voice. Black Hand soon says: “Nekron.” “Rise.”  In doing so, Nekron, the lord of the dead rises and raises the various dead of Coast City. He then points at Barry Allen saying: “Barry Allen.” “You owe me your life.” “You all do.”


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