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Posted in blackest night,Red Lantern Corps,War of Light by mrread7 on November 10, 2009

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

By Alex Segura

What would drive a Lantern to abandon the ways of willpower for pure rage? We’re not sure, but we’re curious to find out. So, we asked GREEN LANTERN CORPS Editor Adam Schlagman to give us some info. And he was kind enough to throw in some art. So, take it away, Adam:

What could turn the most bad ass Green Lantern into a crimson spewing red one? Find out in Green Lantern Corps #42 (on-sale November 11th) as Guy Gardner experiences a tragedy so utterly terrible that he loses complete control in Green Lantern Corps #43 (December on-sale) leading to his selection by a red ring of rage. Welcome to the Red Lantern Corps, Guy Gardner!
In the meantime, wet your appetite with this awesome design by Green Lantern Corps artist Pat Gleason then pick up Green Lantern Corps #42 on Wednesday to witness the shocking ending that only writer Peter J. Tomasi could tell.

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