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Green Lantern Corps #42 Review

Posted in blackest night,green lantern corps by mrread7 on November 12, 2009

  On Oa, Isamot Kol and Vath Sarn are fighting the newly created Black Lanterns from the children and parents of the GLC that were murdered by Kryb. As the battle seems lost, Indigo-2 of the Indigo Tribe teleports in and uses his ring and staff to destroy the various Black Lanterns. He reveals himself to be Munk and that he was sent to save Oa. With Zamaron and Ysmault now fallen at the hands of the Black Lantern Corps, it’s up to them to keep Oa together. He also reveals the secret of destroying Black Lanterns by channeling Will Power through his staff. Vath asks why they can’t create a mirror construct and direct it at all the Black Lanterns. Munk reveals that it has to be a direct attack or the light loses it’s power. He also reveals he can’t teleport anyone else out due to taking so much power out of his ring. Soon, the Black Lanterns stop, as their rings say: “100% Reached.” “Devour Will.”

  On the other side of Oa, Killowog is attacked by Brillo, his former trainer who is about to rip out his heart when he stops too like the other Black Lanterns. Kilowog reveals to his former instructor that he isn’t the man who taught him. He knew that Green Lanterns died, it was part of who they were and then reveals that to all the former Green Lanterns who are now Black Lanterns as they fly away. Salaak reveals to the GLC that the Black Lanterns are heading towards the Central Power Battery. Soranik Natu is rescued by Kyle Rayner and Guy Gardner from another Black Lantern that her hand was caught in as it was reforming. As the entire BLC on Oa attacked the Central Battery. They soon create a giant dark matter construct of Nekron to tear the battery apart. Needing options, Guy and Kyle tell Salaak to release Vice of the Red Lantern Corps on the Black Lanterns. In doing so, Vice tears through the BLC and causes the dark matter construct to lose power. However, Chaselon still following his Alpha-Lantern program kills Vice and in doing so has the Black Lanterns decesend on him. Tearing through his body and killing him and rupturing his Alpha-battery.

  About to go off like a nuke, Kyle Rayner decides to use it and grabs the battery from the Black Lanterns and flies towards the Central Battery and creates an energy dome around the entire Central Battery. As Guy and Soranik cry out. Kyle tells Soranik he does love her and that Guy has been a brother to him. Soon, the Alpha-battery explodes and destroys all the Black Lanterns around the battery but in doing so. Kyle is killed, his ring soon flies off his hand and heads towards Mogo to be assinged it’s next user.


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