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Blackest Night #5 Review

Posted in blackest night by mrread7 on November 27, 2009

  On the planet Ryut in Sector 666, Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Carol Ferris, Atrocitus, Larfleeze, Saint Walker, Indigo-1, Ganthet and Sayd look where the Black Lantern Central Power Battery once stood. They also sense, Scar and her trail where the Central Battery went. They all soon say their oaths and charge their power rings but Larfleeze. He continues to demand that he gets his Guardian, which Sayd has agreed too but he wants a feast too. Indigo reveals that Larfleeze is the way he is do to the influence of the being behind the Orange Light of Avarice and soon Saint Walker goes near him. Thanks to the blue light, Larfleeze’s hunger soon settles and Hal Jordan uses his ring to shove Larfleeze’s face into his lantern allowing him to power all the way up to 100,000 percent. With all the Lanterns powered up, Hal asks where the Black Lantern went, which is Coast City. There on Earth. The Flash is confronted by the leader of the Black Lanterns, Nekron, and lord of the dead. He tells Barry Allen that his death was the first and his rebirth will be the last. He soon sends Black Hand and the various dead Coast City citizens’ after the Flash. Barry fights through them and then tries to take Batman’s skull from Black Hand’s possession but he is soon zapped by negative feed back from the skull. 

  As Black Lanterns grab Barry, Wally West soon shows up and frees his uncle and they take off. Wally soon leads Barry towards the regrouped Justice League and Titan members: Superman, Wonder Woman, Wonder Girl, Green Arrow, Black Canary, Kid Flash, Ice, Dove, Animal Man, Super Boy, Star Fire, Cyborg and Beast Boy. While over in Manhattan, the Atom tries to keep a Black Lantern power ring from resurrecting Damage but his former wife, Jean Loring, soon attacks him. Mera soon appears and blasts Jean’s head off but it soon reforms. She grabs them both and uses her shrink powers to put the three of them inside of Damage’s ring. While back in Coast City the various super heroes fight the undead Black Lanterns. Kid Flash soon reveals that Dove is somehow channeling white light and it starts destroy the various Black Lanterns around them. While Donna Troy, who has been infected by a bite from her former child also turn a Black Lantern. Is changing into one. Scar soon appears and attacks the various Flashes who are trying to free the Guardians of the Universe from the Central Battery. She tells them that the Guardians failed to preserve life and trying to balance order and chaos. However, the various corps leaders with their rings soon attack her. She beings to break down but attacks Larfleeze who is trying to claim her for his own. Scar starts to get the upper hand when the other lanterns destroy her with their rings. They all soon regroup and attack the Black Lantern Central Power Battery. They fire their rings into it along with Sayd and Ganthlet but instead of destroy the battery it charges Nekron up. A Black Lantern power ring soon appears and turns the skull of Bruce Wayne into a Black Lantern, horrifying everyone and causing an emotional connection to all the various heroes. 
  Nekron finally reveals that it was him all along that allowed all the various heroes to come back to life. He kept them from completely passing over to their final resting place, as various others did. That he controls them and soon a multitude of Black Lantern power rings fly out of the Black Lantern Batman and attach themselves to all the various heroes who have been brought back to life. The rings call out all their names and then proceed to tell them to “die”. They heroes are turned into Black Lanterns and Nekron destroys his Black Lantern Batman. Nekron then tells them that the Light awaits them as Hal Jordan and Barry Allen try to fight off Black Lantern power rings from claiming them. 

  Wow! That’s all I have to say.


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  1. chyvalrous said,

    What about 'Abin Sur' being part of the Indigo tribe's oath? That grabbed me straight away.

  2. Edge said,

    Well what should have grabbed you first was the fact that Indigo-1 referred to Abin Sur as her Savior in GL #48..

  3. Andrew said,

    Great review. Thanks for this.:]

  4. Ryan said,

    I tried to keep the review simple and give out the main points of the story without it being to lacking. I enjoyed the fact that Abin has a oath with his name in it.

  5. farsider said,

    Actually, what really caught my attention was during the exchange between Atrocitus and Larfleeze, when he quoted that "the one whose greed knows no bounds will betray them." I'm interested to see where they go with that.

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