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Green Lantern #48 Review

Posted in green lantern by mrread7 on November 27, 2009

Gimme a Break
  On Okaara, home of Agent Orange, Larfleeze is attacked by Atrocitus, who wants the Orange Light of Avarice to battle against the Black Lanterns. Larfleeze will not give Atrocitus his lantern but before Atrocitus can fight back, the Black Lanterns attack them. The two fight them but Atrocitus is knocked out while Larfleeze’s Orange Lanterns are absorbed by their Black Lantern counter parts. With no way of stopping them, Larfleeze calls out for help and has it answered by Saint Walker. Walker along with Hal Jordan, Sinestro, Carol Ferris and Indigo-1 attack the Black Lanterns with Sayd and Gantlet’s help. Larfleeze yells at Gantlet and Sayd that they betrayed him. Gantlet tells him it wasn’t him but wants to know why the Orange Lanterns attacked Odym. Larfleeze reveals that it was the rest of the Guardians of the Universe that told him. Hal and Sinestro are both shocked, when Gantlet reveals that the Guardians wanted to extinguish both the Blue Light and the Orange Light in an effort to stop the War of Light.

  In doing so, they started the War of Light with Scar manipulating the events and allowing the Black Lanterns to rise. Sinestro once again tells Hal why the Guardians have been useless all this time and why they must be destroyed. He also reveals that he hates Hal so much because he blames Hal for Abin Sur’s death, which leads to his wife’s death. Soon Atrocitus regains conscious and attacks Sinestro. Saying it was he all along who started Abin Sur’s death march. With his rage unchecked, Atrocitus starts fighting through all the various lanterns until Saint Walker uses his ring and causes Atrocitus to finally feel hope and he sees his future, where he has joined the Blue Lantern Corps and has been reunited with his long dead wife. Atrocitus fights back but Hal Jordan restrains him again. Sinestro tells Atrocitus that when this is all over, he will help Atrocitus destroy the rest of the Guardians and the Green Lantern Corps, however Atrocitus doesn’t care. Larfleeze also breaks free and attacks Sinestro saying that he doesn’t care about his world or any of the other corps he just wants his own Guardian for his own. 

  They are soon stopped when an image of Damage’s death at the hands of the Black Lanterns appears before them. Showing the rise of Nekron and that the Black Lanterns have changed targets. Indigo-1 then grabs a destroyed Black Lantern power ring and channel’s it’s power through her. In doing so, she transports them to Ryut in Sector 666, which was originally Atrocitus’s home. He soon falls to his knees and Carol reveals that Atrocitus did love something once, he loved life and now it is gone. The Red Lantern continues grieving saying how his race did nothing to deserve their deaths, nothing. Saint Walker soon kneels besides the Red Lantern saying how the same happened to him but since his family’s deaths were all accidents, Atrocitus finds that they are completely different. He can blame the Guardians for what they did with the Manhunters and that he will join the rest of the lanterns to stop Nekron but when it is over, he will still kill the Guardians. Larfleeze says that he must have at least one, in doing so. Sayd offers to serve Larfleeze as the Guardian of the Orange Lantern Corps when the Blackest Night has ended. Gantlet is shocked but Sayd tells him that the Guardians have a lot to answer for. Soon, Indigo tells them that the Black Lantern Central Power Battery was once there but it has been transported and she can follow it. Gantlet soon tells them that they will all find it and do whatever it takes to destroy it. 

   What a great issue, I see why Larfleeze has become one of Geoff John’s favorite lanterns to write. However, I think the best part of this issue is the character interaction with the various corps leaders. Seeing the comparison to Atrocitus and Saint Walker was spot on. While they have different origins, they both share the same fates. One went towards hope while the other was consumed by rage. I also love how through all this, all the various corps leaders are changing who they are. They are in this together but when the Blackest Night is over, they are all leaving enemies, while some are staying allies. It makes for some wonderful story telling and Doug Mahnke illustrates it well. 


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