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The Return of Bruce Wayne in April

Posted in Batman,News by mrread7 on December 9, 2009

The DC Blog the Source released information that BRUCE WAYNE will return in an all new series written by Grant Morrison.

Set to hit in April, BATMAN: THE RETURN OF BRUCE WAYNE #1 (of 6) “will prove to be Bruce Wayne’s defining moment as a hero, and his toughest challenge yet.”

Apparently after getting hit by Darkseid’s omega beams in Final Crisis, Batman is flung through time where he must do all he can to return!

USA Today has an interview up with Morrison.

Head on over to the DC Blog – THE SOURCE for all the info!

  I’m not to surprised by this news, it’s been a year since Bruce was “killed” by Darkseid and with Batman and Robin apparently coming to an end in some form this spring. Not to mention the War of Supermen this summer and Wonder Woman’s major change in status coming up this year. I think its a safe bet that this is leading to the supposed Justice League story in late 2010 that will see more of the formation of the classic League. I do question this kind of “Captain America Reborn” approach, with the time lost Bruce Wayne. But this is Grant Morrison we’re talking about, so I’m not too worry about this since he started Bruce Wayne’s journey in the first place since 52.


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