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Mon-El in the here and now

Posted in Profiles,Rants by mrread7 on December 15, 2009

  Since my review of Blackest Night: Flash has been delayed a bit due to lots of Christmas Shopping. I thought I would express my thoughts on Mon-El at the moment. As you may or may not know, for the last year, Mon-El has been brought back to the Superman books as a fill in while World of New Krypton has been going on. Brought out of the Phantom Zone and currently cured and immune to the effects of lead thanks to Brainiac 5. Mon-El took on the identity of John Kent in memory of Superman’s adoptive father and joined the Science Police and the Justice League while Superman tried to hault his people from going to all out war with Earth.

  I’ve always loved the character of Mon-El since I was a little kid reading the Legion of Super Heroes but it bothered me they just left his character in the Negative Zone and only used him when the story fits. Now, how does now differ from then? Well, Mon-El has been a realitively untapped character, only used for flashbacks, or when the planet Daxam was used for a story. James Robinson has used the character pretty well in the last few months. I know that in the end that Mon-El will go back to the Phantom Zone, since that’s his future no matter what Earth he’s on. I have loved the fact that while he has none of Superman’s weaknesses that doesn’t mean he isn’t invincible especially due to his powers sputtering as of late.

  I might not be a fan of his new costume (I think Ma Kent is losing her touch) but I love the character and I’m enjoying the story and that’s what is important.

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  1. J. Purres said,

    I loved Mon-El as a kid (except seeing the whole Valor thing).He seemed so much more well-rounded than superman, but not really a driving leader. It was great. Especially in the legion.In the current storyline, I'm not a fan…it seems he is really artificial. Somehow he written as The Shade from Opel City residing in Superman's body. To be fair, haven't read the Justice League within it…but I'm hoping for a lot more for Mon.

  2. Ryan said,

    Let's never speak of the Valor thing.

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