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Driq the first undead Green Lantern

Posted in blackest night,Profiles by mrread7 on December 18, 2009

  With his return happening Green Lantern #49 next week. I thought I give everyone a quick history lession thanks to the DC Guide on Driq. A master strategist, Driq was a valued member of the Green Lantern Corps of the Klyminade. Unfortunately, they were no match for the combined power of Sinestro and MadGod Sector 3600. The Green Lanterns were mercilessly destroyed.

The only living survivors were Flodo Span and Olapet. Strangely, Driq was killed but his ring would not allow his life force to leave his body. Driq was in some form of half life that has not been fully explained.

[Green Lantern Vol. 2 #217]

The remains of the warriors of the Klyminade joined with members of the Green Lantern Corps of Earth to battle Sinestro. Though Driq had at times been blasted apart, his power ring was capable of gathering the pieces of Driq’s body, reforming him to his after death state.

[Green Lantern Vol. 2 #217-219]

With Flodo Span, Driq was used to help bind the sentient sector through the might of the power ring. Flodo Span spread his consciousness to envelope the sector. When Driq was blasted apart, his power ring pulled his body back together and contracted Flodo Span’s body. The sentient sector was contained in dark sphere the size of a baseball. The Green Lanterns then easily captured Sinestro.

[Green Lantern Vol. 2 #219]

Both Corps separated, but Driq would wander the spaceways. On Orinda, he attempted to rescue Harbinger from the android Manhunters. Harbinger had gone to the Manhunters’ homeworld to recover her history of the universe, which had accidentally fallen into Manhunter hands.

Members of Earth’s Justice League International, including Green Lanterns Hal Jordan, Arisia, and Katma Tui Stewart, traveled to Orinda to shut down the Manhunters, who were threatening the Earth during the Millennium event.

Firestorm, a member of the Justice League’s strike force, sensed Harbinger’s call for help. He mistook Driq as an enemy and the two had a brief skirmish. After things had been sorted out, the Green Lantern and the Nuclear Man had an interesting conversation.

[Justice League International Vol. 1 #10]

Captain Atom, Harbinger, Driq and Firestorm managed to break free of the Manhunters as Orinda broke up into fragments beneath them. Driq’s appearance was more welcome than that of G’nort of G’newt.

[Firestorm, the Nuclear Man #68]

After defeating the Manhunters, the JLI quickly took leave of Orinda, leaving G’nort in space. The spacefaring heroes attempted to follow the Highmaster, the Manhunters’ leader, in his attempt on the Guardians’ extra-dimensional stronghold. The spell cast by Doctor Fate was less than successful, and the heroes’ survival depended on combining their life forces into that of Hal Jordan and Superman. The two heroes were able to destroy the Highmaster, which was the central power source for the rest of the Manhunters.

Back on Earth, Driq, the Floronic Man (one of the New Guardians) and Hal Jordan went to a barbecue at Hal’s brothers Jim and Jack. They were sucked up by a sudden tornado which they quickly dispersed. The Green Lanterns discovered Myrwhydden was behind the tornado and a series of disasters across the globe. All these attacks were designed to funnel power to Sinestro who plotted with the mage to break each other’s imprisonments. The two villains were easily defeated by the Green Lanterns.

[Green Lantern Vol. 2 #220-221]

After the final transformations of the Chosen, Driq joined the Earth based Corps in their journey to Oa. For the first time since the end of the Crisis, the Green Lantern Corps had assembled for the trial of Sinestro. Driq was reunited with Flodo Span and Olapet. The Korugarrian’s guilt was not in doubt, he freely admitted his actions. For Sinestro’s crimes, the Corps would seek the ultimate punishment, death.

[Green Lantern Vol. 2 #222]

Though his body was physically dead, Sinestro had managed to escape again. He had transferred his consciousness into the nearby Central Power Battery, causing it to implode. The power rings of the assembled Green Lanterns were absorbed back into the battery. Driq was one of the first Green Lanterns to lose his power ring. Without the emerald energy to sustain him, Driq collapsed, his body crumbled, finally at peace.

[Green Lantern Vol. 2 #223]

It was only the actions of Hal Jordan, Flodo Span, and Guardian Appa Ali Apsa that halted the battery’s final collapse. Flodo Span died in the attempt and Appa Ali Apsa found his Guardian powers returned to him. Of the assembled members of the Corps, only Hal Jordan’s power ring remained. The Corps disbanded, the powerless Green Lanterns spread through the universe.

  Driqu has been brought back as a Black Lantern recently but a small part of him remains tethered to the living world thanks to his power ring but is he friend or foe now?


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