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Green Lantern Corps #43 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on December 19, 2009

Red Badge of Rage
Kyle Rayner is dead to the shock of both Guy Gardner and Soranik Natu. As Kyle’s ring heads towards Mogo, both Green Lanterns try to grab the ring before it’s reassigned. Guy catches the ring and later tethers it to his own as it continues to try and speed away. Natu heads to Kyle’s side and tries to revive him. However, with Guy’s rate unchecked, a Red Lantern ring, left over from when Vice was killed by the Alpha-Lanterns, flies onto his finger. Guy is then transformed into a Red Lantern and with his rage out of control. Attacks all the various Black Lanterns with his new powers. Burning them apart with his powers. Meanwhile, Natu’s attempts to revive Kyle are jeopardized as Black Lantern power rings continue and try to bring Kyle back as a Black Lantern but Natu blasts them one by one before Munk of the Indigo Tribe arrives and smashes them. Soon, Kilowog, Arisia, Vath and Ismote arrive and aid her. Soon, the Star Sapphire Miri and Kryb arrive to find the missing children that they have been looking for are now Black Lanterns. Kryb in a frantic daze tries to recapture them but Miri tells her that they are dead and lost.
  Soon, Kryb attacks Miri saying she will save her “children” and Miri learns that Kryb never cared about fulfilling her promise about returning to Zamaron. Miri is soon alerted that Zamaron has fallen and then her ring alerts here that love in is being attacked near by on Oa. She intends to at least help Kyle and Natu and creates a tether and slingshots towards them. Kryb in the mean time continues to try and help her children when Guy Gardner appears and destroys them. Kryb in a fit rage attacks Guy but he soon rips off one of her arms and shoves it down her mouth and then throws Kryb to the side. Miri soon arrives near Natu and using her powers joins her heart with Natu’s and Kyle’s and in doing so revives Kyle. Kyle’s ring soon flies back towards him and he is welcome backed into the Green Lantern Corps. Regrouped the various Green Lanterns try to figure out a plan to get the Red Lantern power ring off of Guy but before they can do so. Mogo appears in orbit above them, ready to unleash his powers on the Black Lantern Corps.
  Not a bad issue, love conquering all was a bit much in how Kyle was saved. However, I’m happy to see that Kyle and Natu were reunited and that Kyle was kept from being turned into a Black Lantern. I also love Red Lantern Guy Gardner. However, outside of that, this issue read pretty fast but I’m looking forward to seeing what Mogo is going to do and how they are going to save Guy from his rage.


3 Responses to 'Green Lantern Corps #43 Review'

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  1. z764536 said,

    Aww! Kyle's back…To soon to be back in action…

  2. Ryonslaught said,

    Thank God kyle ain't dead!!!wooo

  3. Ryan said,

    There is no stopping the Torch Bearer.

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