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Back up features in Green Lantern Corps starting April 2010

Posted in green lantern corps,News,Rants by mrread7 on December 22, 2009

  Revealed early today, Green Lantern Corps will be getting a back up feature in the book. Similar to Booster Gold and Teen Titans. So what does this mean? Well first off all, say hello to the $3.99 price tag for the book. Also, look fore more John Stewart action in the pages of both Green Lantern titles (hinting at the new Guardian status) Also, it’s time to vote. What will the feature be? Well, we need a feature that is closely connected to Green Lantern like Ravager is to Teen Titans or Blue Beetle is to Booster Gold.

  I have two ideas for this, one dealing with the other Lantern Corps. We can’t let them just fade into the background and this is GLC. So, having stories dealing with the other corps would be perfect. My second thoughts? More Soranik Natu please!


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