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Blackest Night #6 Review

Posted in blackest night,War of Light by mrread7 on December 30, 2009

Blackest Night 
In Coast City, the Black Lantern Batman has dissolved into a pool of black blood in the shape of a bat. The various lantern corps leaders are trying to figure out how the Black Lantern Power rings were able to turn the living into Black Lanterns. Hal Jordan explains: “Not the living. The resurrected.” Soon, a black ring blasts through his force field as Barry Allen tries to out run the ring pursuing him. While the various Black Lanterns like Superman and Green Arrow tell Hal that he needs to come back, that there isn’t anything left but the black. While Nekron leaves with his horde of Black Lanterns with the Guardians of the Universe in tow. The other lanterns try to blast back the Black Lantern Superman but Hal won’t use his ring to destroy his ring, since Superman really isn’t dead. Sinestro yells at him that no matter what he thinks, he will soon be dead and they won’t have stopped the Black Central Power Battery. Meanwhile, Bart Allen attacks Barry before Wally West shows up and rescues his uncle. 
   The Flash then tells Hal to throw him a line and to hang on. Barry runs as fast as he can and without the Cosmic Treadmill, he can only guess at time travel. Hal is a bit confused but the two soon disappear and then reappear two seconds in the future. Causing the black rings following them to loose their connection. Barry then explains that how the Black Lantern power rings work is that a person has to be emotionally connected to a Black Lantern for them to latch on the victims. However, they are both confused why Batman self-destructed after Nekron told him too. Hal also wonders that if they do stop Nekron, will they die and will all their other friends too? Barry hopes not. Deep inside one of the power rings, the Black Lantern Jean Loring tells her husband the Atom that despite everything that has happened. He feels nothing but pity but Boston Brand soon possesses her. He quickly warns them that all the Black Lanterns in the universe are heading to Earth and allows them enough time for the Atom to re-enlarge himself and Mera and escape. They emerge through Wonder Woman’s ring and Mera locks arms with Wonder Woman while John Stewart above Earth warns them all the Black Lanterns have arrived. 
  While Sinestro and Indigo-1 fight off the various Black Lanterns with their allies, Ganthet tells them that they need all the Lantern Corps to help them destroy the Black Central Power Battery. In doing so, he activates Hal Jordan’s copy feature on his ring and the others since their rings are all designed the same. He then places a Green Lantern power ring on his finger and rejoins the GLC. Soon, other lantern rings fly from their users and scan for others. The Blue Lantern ring finds Barry Allen while Larfleeze yells that his ring is his and his alone. Deep in Metropolis, Lex Luthor is attacked by all the people he has killed over the years, including his own father. The Orange Lantern power ring flies onto his finger. While over in Gotham City, the Scarecrow continues to torture people with his fear gas hoping that it will bring Batman to him so he can feel some kind of emotion. The yellow power ring finds him, while the indigo power ring finds the Atom and the red finds Mera. The Star Sapphire ring orbits around Wonder Woman, which causes Carol Ferris to feel the white light in Wonder Woman and that she is fighting back the black. Soon, Wonder Woman accepts the violet ring and she is transformed into a Star Sapphire and returned to normal. Barry soon joins them with the newest members of the corps saying: “All will be well.” 
   There we have folks, what a freaking fantastic issue! A lot of us fan boys got our wish with who became Lanterns. Barry Allen in Blue, Lex in Orange and the Scarecrow in Yellow. This issue was great; Geoff Johns really kicked this entire story up. However, the real winner goes to Ivan Reis, his artwork is just top notch. It’s just perfect for this kind of story and that last splash page was perfect!


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