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The Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #40

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Green Lantern Spotlight Episode #40

The ONE YEAR LATER Episode! In 2009, Ryan Read started the Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast, and 40 episodes and a bunch of star creator interviews later, the GLS is still here! Join Ryan and the gang for episode 40 where the reminiscence and make a special BRIGHTEST DAY announcement! Featuring opening and ending themes from Kirby Krackle ( and the Roy Clark Method (


The Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #39

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Green Lantern Spotlight Episode #39

Welcome back to the GLS! Blackest Night continues with discussion from the guys about BN: JSA #2 and the oversized and potentially overhyped Green Lantern #50. Featuring opening and ending themes from Kirby Krackle ( and the Roy Clark Method (

Artist David Finch talks Brightest Day

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Go to any comic book convention and you learn that if an artist is a particularly hot property at the moment, the line for his or her table will be among the longest in the building.
Nowadays, David Finch is one of those artists. His table always has a line — a big line, filled with Marvel fans who have loyally followed his work on the top comics at the publisher, from the launch of New Avengers with Brian Michael Bendis in 2004 to last year’s universe-altering Ultimatum with Jeph Loeb.

But at this summer’s conventions, the artist will probably have some new fans in line thanks to his upcoming gig doing covers for a DC property — the much-anticipated Brightest Day by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi. Finch became a DC exclusive artist this year, signing a contract that will allow him to bring his talents to the characters of the DC Universe, beginning with covers for the bi-weekly series.

It’s a job that fits the artist’s style well. Finch is known for drawing dynamic-looking characters and larger-than-life superheroes. He admitted to Newsarama in 2007 that he tries to make his characters “look cool” and “exciting,” because that’s what was always most enjoyable to him as a reader. 

“I never want to forget what it is as a fan that I liked,” he said (see our extensive profile interview with the artist here. “I got in because I liked the kind of work that was exciting. My tastes have changed over the years, but I try as hard as I can not to let that affect the way that I draw. I like a lot of the more so-called, you know, ‘intellectual’ comics. The non-superhero stuff. But I remember what I liked when I first got in. I never want to forget that.”

Now that Finch is a Marvel exclusive artist, Newsarama talked to him to find out more about why he took the new job and what he wants to do now that he’s got the whole DCU in front of him.

The Return of the New Gods in Justice League of America #42

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  Right from DC The Source Blog. The cover says it all, seems to be the return of either Dr. Impossible or Mr. Miracle, Big Barda and Orion. Love the cover but very scared if this will be a good issue or not.

Green Lantern #50 Review

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Parallax Rebirth

  In Coast City the new members of the various color corps fight the various Black Lanterns. Hal Jordan isn’t really thrilled who has been brought on as a member. Especially the Scarecrow and Lex Luthor. He and Larfleeze in fact try to take off their power rings until Sinestro tells him that the rings choose the wearer not the other way around. Meanwhile, Barry Allen and Saint Walker try to separate Jason Rausche from the Black Lantern Firestorm but he won’t give in. While Mera faces her former husband and dead son who has also been turned into a Black Lantern. Mera destroys her Black Lantern son and Aquaman flees while Atrocitus likes her style. Wonder Woman and Carol Ferris encase Donna Troy in crystal hoping to slow down the process of completely making Donna dead. Soon, the Black Lantern Spectre appears and grabs Hal Jordan saying he will be judged.

  Hal breaks free saying it won’t be the first time but the Spectre continues on how Hal has constantly gone in never worrying about the consequences of his actions but he will now. That his judgment must be made. The Spectre starts transforming Hal into a Black Lantern until Sayd and Ganthet free him from the Spectre grasp. The Spectre soon eats the two Guardians before Hal pries open the Spectre’s mouth and rescues them. Soon Sinestro and the Scarecrow go after the Spectre. The Scarecrow is enriched with his powers and the ability to feel fear again that he bathes in it. Sinestro tells him to focus but soon the Spectre attacks the Scarecrow and pins him to a cross saying that he will now do as his namesake implies. Atrocitus and Mera attack the Spectre and sense the rage inside of him. While Wonder Woman and Carol attack followed by Hal and Ganthet. They start to sever the connection between the Spectre and the Black Lantern Power ring but the Spectre soon fights back. They realize they can’t since the ring is tried to the Spectre’s human host, Crispus Allen. Atrocitus realizes that the Spectre is the blend of rage and death now and it must belong to them.  Soon Hal ask if Ganthet can summon Kyle, Guy and John’s power batteries.

  Sinestro questions this and Hal reveals that when he was bonded to Parallax and the Spectre, the Spectre was afraid of Parallax. He figures if he frees Parallax again and joins with him, they can defeat the Black Lantern Spectre. Sinestro tells Hal he does not know how to control Parallax but he does but Hal pushes Sinestro away saying that he must be the one. Carol then soon tries to stop him, saying it’s too much but Hal has no choice. They kiss and then Hal feels fear by remembering the death of his father and Parallax is able to possess Hal Jordan again and is reborn in form once more and tells the Spectre: “Where were we?” End of issue. I have to say, I enjoyed the issue to a point but not really much happened in this issue. Pretty much everything is set up for Blackest Night #7. It’s OK, I’ll let it pass but I was expecting more from this story. However, we got the Scarecrow in several awesome panels and Lex telling Larfleeze to stuff it. I’ll give Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke props for that.

My reading list for 2010

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  After weeks of looking over and checking out the latest in news. Plus, the selling off of pretty much all my collections. I have finally decided on my reading list for the rest of the year and my webpage plans for the rest of the year.

Reading List
I will be continuing with Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps from DC. I will continue reading Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel. In addition, unless the series ends up in it’s own series in paper form again. I will be reading Web of Spider-man because of the Spectacular Spider-Girl. I will also be adding Avengers #1 back to my reading list in May when the Heroic Age kicks off. In addition these, I will be adding Brightest Day to my pull list. I will be reading the Flash on a regular basis thanks to my brother, who is also picking back up Birds of Prey when it relaunches in April.

   Spider-Girl’s World reopens this week and I will be doing daily updates on that. you can check out the blog over at: The Indigo Cafe. I will be giving the Green Lantern Spotlight a new look in April with the launch of Brightest Day. You will also see other articles by the rest of the GLS crew from the The Green Lantern Corps. I am also working on an Elibrary for the Thunderbolts right now. Which will keep the Thunderbolts alive in the new Heroic Age for the online community. Which will cover the book from Onslaught to Now. I also have a pet project that might go into effect in the summer but we’ll have to wait and see right now.

  The wife and I are in the middle of trying to get a new place to live. I’m trying to secure a new job and we’re talking about kids. Hence, we have to put what’s a priority and what can work inside our budgets right now. I’m hoping by the end of the year to be in a very good place but you know how life is. I thank everyone for their continuing support for the Green Lantern Spotlight.

The Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast #38

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  They guys get down and dirty and talk about the latest Green Lantern news, such as Brightest Day and the latest Green Lantern movie casting. Followed by reviews on Blackest Night: Wonder Woman and Flash and Red Lantern Guy Gardner. Also, why does it take so long for Andrew to get his comics and West is still angry. Enjoy.

The Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #38

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Green Lantern Spotlight Episode #38

Join the GL Spotlight crew once again, this time for episode #38! Frankie and the guys discuss cover the latest Green Lantern related news, Blackest Night: Flash #2, BN: Wonder Woman #2, and GLC #44 in this episode. Featuring opening and ending themes from Kirby Krackle ( and the Roy Clark Method (

Green Lantern Corps #44 Review

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Red Badge of Rage part 2

  On Oa the surviving Green Lanterns attempt to figure out why Mogo has appeared in orbit and why he isn’t doing anything. They can only assess that Mogo showed up on Oa with the priority alert. However, they have bigger problems, Guy Gardner is still out of control and is cutting through Black Lanterns with little effort. With both a green and red power ring on, Guy is almost unstoppable. Kyle gets ready to jump to Guy’s side, since he’s been revived it should calm Guy enough to force him to take off his Red Lantern power ring. However, Vath stops Kyle exclaiming that with Guy unchecked, he’s keeping the Black Lanterns from destroying the Central Power Battery. However, Kyle refuses to sacrifice what’s left of his friend for the greater good. He approaches Guy and tries to prove he’s alive and well and that he can give up the red ring.  Guy doesn’t believe Kyle and attacks him thinking Kyle has been changed into a Black Lantern also.

  Kyle grabs Guy after a few battles and tries to force him to believe that he’s the real deal. For a brief second, Guy starts to break the red ring’s hold but it doesn’t last long. Soon Guy blasts Kyle back with ring constructs and is ready to finish Kyle off  when Mogo alerts Oa that it will now carry out the Primacy Directive. Something not even Salaak is aware of. However, Mogo reveals that it is true and he will not “purge” Oa. Soon, Mogo increases his gravity which causes all the Black Lanterns to be pulled towards it but in doing so. So are the rest of the remaining Green Lantern corps members. They try to struggle but their rings have been turned off and as they get closer to Mogo, their speed increases. Soon, the thousands of Black Lanterns are pulled into Mogo and are broken apart as they are enveloped by Mogo. Princess Iolande is shocked to see this as she treats the injured Green Lanterns there. However, Mogo tells her she and the others are safe and soon the other Green Lanterns and Munk are slowed and land on Mogo safely.

   Questioning what Mogo is doing by Kyle and Soranik. Mogo reveals that as the Black Lanterns are pulled into his core they are broken up and in doing so, they cannot reform. In other words, they will burn for all eternity. In doing so, Oa is saved by Mogo and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps tries to recruit to help Guy Gardner but he soon appears, full of more rage than ever exclaiming: “Don’t worry… I’ve found you.” End of issue. I have to say, Mogo shows why if you are an entire planet, you can kick ass and take names. I love how Mogo takes care of the Black Lantern problem. However, I do feel that Kyle was being a bit of an idiot. I get he wanted to help Guy but I’m with Vath, should have just let him keep fighting the Black Lanterns and then helped him later. Oh well, what can you do?

Blake Lively as Carol Ferris

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  I got a few emails asking why I wasn’t doing more reporting on the Green Lantern movie. So, I decided today to share my thoughts on the one part of news that caught my eye in both senses of the word after it was announced. Blake Lively as Carol Ferris better known as Hal Jordan’s long time girlfriend, boss and Star Sapphire. Since Ryan Reynolds is playing Hal Jordan, I have no problem with the age aspect of Blake. She is only 8 years younger. Plus, I can see Hal going for someone younger than him and even with this casting, they can still play the childhood rival/friends angle witht he story with the two. I’ve always enjoyed Blake Lively’s acting since first seeing her in Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants (don’t judge me). If they can get Blake to carry the dark hair look I’m certain that Ms. Lively will play the role of Carol Ferris very well.
  She’s spunky enough of an actress to bring Carol to life and if we ever get into the whole Star Sapphire storyline with Carol. I’m sure the internet will light up (no pun intended). So, I say good casting for the part but ultimately, we’ll have to wait and see when the movie comes out or at least until previews start airing sometime next year.

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