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The Atom goes Indigo… Nok

Posted in blackest night,Indigo Tribe,Rants by mrread7 on January 2, 2010

  As revealed in Blackest Night #6, the Atom, Ray Palmer has been brought into the Indigo Tribe. As much as his new look comes as a shock or his compassion. Many forget the old, Sword of the Atom series from the 80s. Soon, Atom’s super-heroic alter-ego took a toll on his marriage. Jean drifted into an affair out of loneliness. At this time, Atom discovered a subatomic world in the Amazon. He divorced his wife Jean and lived in this subatomic world for a time. Soon enough, Ray missed his old world and returned to it. During that time, Ray sported a very similar look to the one he has now. Ray has served the emotion of compassion even before Identity Crisis, in where his world complete fell apart. 

After being de-aged, Ray Palmer would return to the Ivy University, where he had preivously worked as a physics professor, in an attempt to return to his true age.  Before he could do that, however, he metIsaiah Crockett (Joto/Hotspot) a teenager who was a real genius and who would demonstrate his powers based on heat for the first time, with Palmer looking on.  This led to both of them being teleported into one of the H’San Natall ships.
It was here were Ray Palmer would meet the rest of the teenagers who had just manifested their powers and would become the newest incarnation of the Teen Titans.
Working with the new “superheroes” Ray Palmer was able to rescue Prysm who was in a virtual reality simulator program from the H’San Natall. After rescuing Prysm, they were all able to escape from the H’San Natall and return to Earth where they would meet the former ally of the Teen Titans, Loren Jupiter (Mr. Jupiter) along with his daughter (although they didn’t know she was his daughter) Omen aka Lilith Clay.
After this unexpected and not planned mission Ray Palmer along with the rest of the new superheroes decided to stay together as a group and become the newest incarnation of the Teen Titans who would have the funding of Loren Jupiter (Mr. Jupiter).
Although at first he didn’t want to become a member, Ray Palmer would join the Teen Titans while trying to discover a way to return to his real age.  He became the leader of the group.  He wasn’t that happy about being the leader of the Teen Titans because he had been in the Justice League of America and considered membership of the Teen Titans to be a step down for him.

 After Ray’s ex-wife, Jean Loring, murdered Sue Dibny in the hopes of getting Ray to be concerned for her safety, she lost her mind. Jean was taken to Arkham Asylum but was soon liberated by the Eclipsoentity. Ray was so distraught over Sue’s death that he needed to run away, out of his world.
After shrinking away from his world, he came across a being that informed him of the multiverse. He eventually found a way to travel between worlds on a quantum level. He looked for himself on each world hoping to see a Ray who hadn’t suffered as he had. On “Earth 51,” he found himself working on opening a gateway to alternate realities. He then saw himself die in an explosion when the experiment went wrong.
Ray was scientifically curious what “he” had been working on. He now had a reason to stay on this world when he discovered that the research his other self was doing had catastrophic consequences if they weren’t completed. He also discovered that this Ray had a blind date set up with Jean. He jumped into this world and tried to figure out what event caused this one to be so different than his own.
Ray was living a “perfect” life on Earth-51 until he was found by Donna TroyKyle RaynerJason Todd (also known as the Challengers from Beyond) and The Monitor, who had been searching for Ray. The Monitor told everyone that it is his job to become aware of and eliminate multiversal anomalies. Since Ray was not of this world, the Monitor told hime that he must be eliminated. With the help of the Challengers assistance he escaped, and explained that it was the Ray oy Earth-51 who was meant to stop the great disaster. Now, with Ray as a corps member of Compassion, he may be Hawkman and Hawkgirl’s only hope of de-zombizing them and having them join in the fight against Nekron.


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  1. werehawk said,

    Sorry but there was no 'subatomic' world in the Amazon. Atom was trapped at 6 inches, which was the height of the aliens that crashed there.

  2. werehawk said,

    Love the costume and idea of Indigo Atom. Hope there is an action figure

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