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The Scarecrow finally gets power ring

Posted in blackest night,Sinestro Corps by mrread7 on January 4, 2010

  It finally happened, it took over two years but the Scarecrow has finally gotten his yellow powr ring in Blackest Night #6. It’s about damn time! Ever since the Sinestro Corps came around in 2007 and Batman was the originally selection for someone who could create great fear in someone. The Scarecrow was the obvious choice. He got duped for Amon Sur and then later had the same power ring destroyed by Hal Jordan and John Stewart. Now, finally he gets his chance to shine. Time for the Master of Fear to show just why he’s the best choice for Sector 2814. Bring on Blackest Night #7.

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  1. J. Purres said,

    Waited for this for a long time.In other news: green lanterns apparently have will power galore, and financial acumen: made a bit of money this year, and have made over 30% earnings for the past year.

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