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What will I be reading after Blackest Night?

Posted in Rants by mrread7 on January 8, 2010

  We know the end is near, March is coming up fast and soon, I’ll be left with three mini series ending. The top of the list being Blackest Night. Since getting a hold of my health problems, rebuilding my finances and looking towards new career oppurtunities. I’ll be chaning my reading list yet again come April. Of course the Flash is on the list and the upcoming Marvel Cosmic event this spring is also on my life but what else to read? I’m having a problem deciding, I do believe I will be reading at least one Avengers title come April after the Seige is over. I’ve been looking at DC’s books a bit but outside of War of the Supermen, I might not be jumping back to the Super books. Depending on what happens with Aquaman after Blackest Night has me on pause there. No idea what is going on with Justice League or Society right now. So, those are out.
   Over at Marvel, outside of Web of Spider-man, mostly due to Spider-Girl. I’m just reading Guardians of the Galaxy and Nova. So, what will my pull list be coming April 2010? I’m not sure but I’m open to suggestions.


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  1. Marc said,

    Do you only read Marvel and DC? If your interested in Indie books check out Sweet Tooth, Anchor and Haunt. All good stuff.

  2. Ryan said,

    I have looked those books. Thanks. I like to stay main stream though.

  3. Looks like you'll be reading BRIGHTEST DAY!!

  4. z764536 said,

    I appreciate your reviews regarding Green Lantern (especially blackest night) and it has helped me a lot in choosing which title or arc should I buy. My wife gave me an ultimatum last year…I had to choose the titles that I collect given a limited budget.

  5. Ryan said,

    The good news is, my wife didn't give me any kind of ultimatum. She just told me to pick what I still enjoy and actually blog or work webpages about. Hence where I went with things.

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