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Green Lantern Corps #44 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on January 21, 2010

Red Badge of Rage part 2

  On Oa the surviving Green Lanterns attempt to figure out why Mogo has appeared in orbit and why he isn’t doing anything. They can only assess that Mogo showed up on Oa with the priority alert. However, they have bigger problems, Guy Gardner is still out of control and is cutting through Black Lanterns with little effort. With both a green and red power ring on, Guy is almost unstoppable. Kyle gets ready to jump to Guy’s side, since he’s been revived it should calm Guy enough to force him to take off his Red Lantern power ring. However, Vath stops Kyle exclaiming that with Guy unchecked, he’s keeping the Black Lanterns from destroying the Central Power Battery. However, Kyle refuses to sacrifice what’s left of his friend for the greater good. He approaches Guy and tries to prove he’s alive and well and that he can give up the red ring.  Guy doesn’t believe Kyle and attacks him thinking Kyle has been changed into a Black Lantern also.

  Kyle grabs Guy after a few battles and tries to force him to believe that he’s the real deal. For a brief second, Guy starts to break the red ring’s hold but it doesn’t last long. Soon Guy blasts Kyle back with ring constructs and is ready to finish Kyle off  when Mogo alerts Oa that it will now carry out the Primacy Directive. Something not even Salaak is aware of. However, Mogo reveals that it is true and he will not “purge” Oa. Soon, Mogo increases his gravity which causes all the Black Lanterns to be pulled towards it but in doing so. So are the rest of the remaining Green Lantern corps members. They try to struggle but their rings have been turned off and as they get closer to Mogo, their speed increases. Soon, the thousands of Black Lanterns are pulled into Mogo and are broken apart as they are enveloped by Mogo. Princess Iolande is shocked to see this as she treats the injured Green Lanterns there. However, Mogo tells her she and the others are safe and soon the other Green Lanterns and Munk are slowed and land on Mogo safely.

   Questioning what Mogo is doing by Kyle and Soranik. Mogo reveals that as the Black Lanterns are pulled into his core they are broken up and in doing so, they cannot reform. In other words, they will burn for all eternity. In doing so, Oa is saved by Mogo and the rest of the Green Lantern Corps tries to recruit to help Guy Gardner but he soon appears, full of more rage than ever exclaiming: “Don’t worry… I’ve found you.” End of issue. I have to say, Mogo shows why if you are an entire planet, you can kick ass and take names. I love how Mogo takes care of the Black Lantern problem. However, I do feel that Kyle was being a bit of an idiot. I get he wanted to help Guy but I’m with Vath, should have just let him keep fighting the Black Lanterns and then helped him later. Oh well, what can you do?


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