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Green Lantern #50 Review

Posted in green lantern by mrread7 on January 27, 2010

Parallax Rebirth

  In Coast City the new members of the various color corps fight the various Black Lanterns. Hal Jordan isn’t really thrilled who has been brought on as a member. Especially the Scarecrow and Lex Luthor. He and Larfleeze in fact try to take off their power rings until Sinestro tells him that the rings choose the wearer not the other way around. Meanwhile, Barry Allen and Saint Walker try to separate Jason Rausche from the Black Lantern Firestorm but he won’t give in. While Mera faces her former husband and dead son who has also been turned into a Black Lantern. Mera destroys her Black Lantern son and Aquaman flees while Atrocitus likes her style. Wonder Woman and Carol Ferris encase Donna Troy in crystal hoping to slow down the process of completely making Donna dead. Soon, the Black Lantern Spectre appears and grabs Hal Jordan saying he will be judged.

  Hal breaks free saying it won’t be the first time but the Spectre continues on how Hal has constantly gone in never worrying about the consequences of his actions but he will now. That his judgment must be made. The Spectre starts transforming Hal into a Black Lantern until Sayd and Ganthet free him from the Spectre grasp. The Spectre soon eats the two Guardians before Hal pries open the Spectre’s mouth and rescues them. Soon Sinestro and the Scarecrow go after the Spectre. The Scarecrow is enriched with his powers and the ability to feel fear again that he bathes in it. Sinestro tells him to focus but soon the Spectre attacks the Scarecrow and pins him to a cross saying that he will now do as his namesake implies. Atrocitus and Mera attack the Spectre and sense the rage inside of him. While Wonder Woman and Carol attack followed by Hal and Ganthet. They start to sever the connection between the Spectre and the Black Lantern Power ring but the Spectre soon fights back. They realize they can’t since the ring is tried to the Spectre’s human host, Crispus Allen. Atrocitus realizes that the Spectre is the blend of rage and death now and it must belong to them.  Soon Hal ask if Ganthet can summon Kyle, Guy and John’s power batteries.

  Sinestro questions this and Hal reveals that when he was bonded to Parallax and the Spectre, the Spectre was afraid of Parallax. He figures if he frees Parallax again and joins with him, they can defeat the Black Lantern Spectre. Sinestro tells Hal he does not know how to control Parallax but he does but Hal pushes Sinestro away saying that he must be the one. Carol then soon tries to stop him, saying it’s too much but Hal has no choice. They kiss and then Hal feels fear by remembering the death of his father and Parallax is able to possess Hal Jordan again and is reborn in form once more and tells the Spectre: “Where were we?” End of issue. I have to say, I enjoyed the issue to a point but not really much happened in this issue. Pretty much everything is set up for Blackest Night #7. It’s OK, I’ll let it pass but I was expecting more from this story. However, we got the Scarecrow in several awesome panels and Lex telling Larfleeze to stuff it. I’ll give Geoff Johns and Doug Mahnke props for that.


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