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My reading list for 2010

Posted in Brightest Day,News,Rants by mrread7 on January 27, 2010

  After weeks of looking over and checking out the latest in news. Plus, the selling off of pretty much all my collections. I have finally decided on my reading list for the rest of the year and my webpage plans for the rest of the year.

Reading List
I will be continuing with Green Lantern and Green Lantern Corps from DC. I will continue reading Nova and Guardians of the Galaxy from Marvel. In addition, unless the series ends up in it’s own series in paper form again. I will be reading Web of Spider-man because of the Spectacular Spider-Girl. I will also be adding Avengers #1 back to my reading list in May when the Heroic Age kicks off. In addition these, I will be adding Brightest Day to my pull list. I will be reading the Flash on a regular basis thanks to my brother, who is also picking back up Birds of Prey when it relaunches in April.

   Spider-Girl’s World reopens this week and I will be doing daily updates on that. you can check out the blog over at: The Indigo Cafe. I will be giving the Green Lantern Spotlight a new look in April with the launch of Brightest Day. You will also see other articles by the rest of the GLS crew from the The Green Lantern Corps. I am also working on an Elibrary for the Thunderbolts right now. Which will keep the Thunderbolts alive in the new Heroic Age for the online community. Which will cover the book from Onslaught to Now. I also have a pet project that might go into effect in the summer but we’ll have to wait and see right now.

  The wife and I are in the middle of trying to get a new place to live. I’m trying to secure a new job and we’re talking about kids. Hence, we have to put what’s a priority and what can work inside our budgets right now. I’m hoping by the end of the year to be in a very good place but you know how life is. I thank everyone for their continuing support for the Green Lantern Spotlight.


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