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Artist David Finch talks Brightest Day

Posted in Brightest Day,News by mrread7 on January 28, 2010

Go to any comic book convention and you learn that if an artist is a particularly hot property at the moment, the line for his or her table will be among the longest in the building.
Nowadays, David Finch is one of those artists. His table always has a line — a big line, filled with Marvel fans who have loyally followed his work on the top comics at the publisher, from the launch of New Avengers with Brian Michael Bendis in 2004 to last year’s universe-altering Ultimatum with Jeph Loeb.

But at this summer’s conventions, the artist will probably have some new fans in line thanks to his upcoming gig doing covers for a DC property — the much-anticipated Brightest Day by Geoff Johns and Peter Tomasi. Finch became a DC exclusive artist this year, signing a contract that will allow him to bring his talents to the characters of the DC Universe, beginning with covers for the bi-weekly series.

It’s a job that fits the artist’s style well. Finch is known for drawing dynamic-looking characters and larger-than-life superheroes. He admitted to Newsarama in 2007 that he tries to make his characters “look cool” and “exciting,” because that’s what was always most enjoyable to him as a reader. 

“I never want to forget what it is as a fan that I liked,” he said (see our extensive profile interview with the artist here. “I got in because I liked the kind of work that was exciting. My tastes have changed over the years, but I try as hard as I can not to let that affect the way that I draw. I like a lot of the more so-called, you know, ‘intellectual’ comics. The non-superhero stuff. But I remember what I liked when I first got in. I never want to forget that.”

Now that Finch is a Marvel exclusive artist, Newsarama talked to him to find out more about why he took the new job and what he wants to do now that he’s got the whole DCU in front of him.

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