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  Well folks, I’m out of here for the next two weeks. Melissa and I are taking our long delayed honeymoon to Hawaii. We’ll be back the week of March 9th. In the mean time, enjoy the sites and sounds.


Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #44 & 45

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The GLS returns with 2 new episodes! Episode #44 has the gang talking about the latest DC Comics news, review Blackest Night: Flash #3, Green Lantern Corps #45 and Green Lantern #51. [B]Episode #45[/B] has the gang talking to the recently announced Green Lantern Corps writer, TONY BEDARD!!! Listen as he drops exclusives on future story arcs, talks key characters, the return of Andy Clarke to R.E.B.E.L.S., Corps pronunciation, and more!!!!!! Episode #45.

The Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #45

The Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #45

Join the Green Lantern Spotlight cast as they welcome back TONY BEDARD! The current writer of REBELS and GREAT TEN, and soon to be on GREEN LANTERN CORPS! Featuring opening and ending themes from Kirby Krackle ( and The Roy Clark Method (

The Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #44

Green Lantern Spotlight Episode #44

Join the Green Lantern Spotlight cast as they discuss Green Lantern #51, Green Lantern Corps #45, and Blackest Night: Flash #3. The guys also talk about the latest news to hit DC Comics! Featuring opening and ending themes from Kirby Krackle ( and The Roy Clark Method ( Also check out The Warriors Three ( for Kuhan’s guest appearance on their show.

Old School tells us Aquaman’s History

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  My buddy Old School recently posted the cliff notes version of Aquaman’s history. I thought I would post it here on the GLS. As we get ready for the king’s return in May.

He’s returning from the dead, is my point.

We haven’t seen much of DC’s erstwhile Sea King lately. Oh, he’s shown up as one of the many voluble super-zombies now overrunning the DC Universe in the mass-spandexhumation event called Blackest Night. But then, who hasn’t?

Here’s the Blackest Night precis: Reanimated corpses of fallen heroes and villains have returned to feast on the raw emotions of living heroes. Read: There’s been a glut of costumed corpses delivering monologues meant to get the living heroes in touch with their feeeeelings.

(Think Judd Hirsch in Ordinary People, only more sinister, and with bits falling off him, and instead of that bulky knit sweater: tights and a cape.)

Last week DC announced that when the Blackest Night is over, there will come a Brightest Day, and released the teaser image above. It sent the the hearts of ardent Aquaman fans aflutter, and aTwitter, lemme tell YOU.

Understand: It’s never been easy, loving Aquaman. There’s all the shrill “He just talks to fish!” jeering to contend with, for one thing. (I’ve attempted to contend with it myself, using, on one occasion, some salty language, so be warned.)

But people who dismiss The Swift and Powerful Monarch of the Ocean are the sort of people who root for the alpha dog, not the underdog. They are drawn to privilege, not spirit; power, not heart; Yankees, not Cubs; Cameron, not Bigelow; Superman, not Aquaman.

Listen: It is the easiest thing in the world to love Superman. It risks nothing. Everything comes easy to Superman.

But Aquaman? That guy’s had a rough go of it.

And so have his fans.

After the jump: GOOD NEWS: The Sea King has enjoyed a long and storied reign. BAD NEWS: Largish chunks of that reign have been spent under less-than-ideal conditions, e.g. dead. Or displaced in time. Or with a squid for a face. Or in Detroit.

This recent history of the character reads like nothing so much as a decades-long Good News/Bad News joke. Viz:

GOOD NEWS! Aquaman’s Getting Married!

In 1964, in a single ceremony, Aquaman assumed the throne of Atlantis and wed other-dimensional, butt-kicking, hard-water-power-having Mera. Just five months later, tsk tsk, she bore a son, Arthur, Jr., aka Artie, aka ….Aquababy. Shut up.

BAD NEWS! Aqua-Infanticide! Aqua-Irreconcilable Differences!

In 1977, Aquaman’s foe Black Manta killed li’l Artie, sending Aquaman on a quest of self-discovery and self-recimination that would alter the character’s personality for years to come. He became brooding, hot-headed, and haughty, very like his Marvel opposite number, Prince Namor the Sub-Mariner. His marriage to Mera deteriorated.

GOOD NEWS! Aquaman Leads the Justice League!

In the mid-80s, a haughty Aquaman haughtily told the big guns of the Justice League (Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, etc.) where to get off, with great haughtiness. They were dividing their time too much, he told them, and the League was suffering from their inattention. Commit or quit, he said. They quit. And Aquaman became chairman of the Justice League of America.

BAD NEWS! Aquaman Leads …THIS Justice League.

To replace the big guns, Aquaman recruited some pea shooters like Vibe, Vixen, Gypsy and Steel. So began the Coy and Vance Duke era of the Justice League. Aquaman moved the League from their impossibly high-tech satellite 23,000 miles above the Earth to … a bunker. In Detroit.

I say again: A Detroit bunker.

And then, after a few adventures (and lots of shouting at everybody), he left the team to go work on his troubled marriage.

(To be fair, this era of Justice League history has its vocal supporters. But many were relieved when this version of the League met a brutal end.)

GOOD NEWS! After A Decade of Dithering, Aquaman Gets His Own Long-Running Series!

The next ten years saw several Aquaman one-shots and short-lived Aquaman series attempt to do something with the character. His world became a bit more mystical, Mera went insane, he finally got over his anger (although that didn’t take), and his origin got tweaked.

A bit later, Peter David’s The Atlantis Chronicles mini-series created a cohesive history for the undersea city, and Aquaman’s place in it.

In 1994, David launched his own Aquaman series. This one built on the rich mythic history and characters he’d established in The Atlantis Chronicles, and surrounded Aquaman with a cast of compelling characters.

BAD NEWS! Aquaman’s … Kind of a Jerk. TO THE EXTREME!

David stayed on the series for 46 issues, making some changes to the character that were perfectly matched to the grim, angst-ridden storytelling that took hold of comics in the mid-90s.

Aquaman lost a hand to piranha (long story), but replaced it with a detachable hook that, okay, looked kinda piratey and cool.

He switched the classic orange and green supersuit for a sort of gladiator number.

He affected a sea-captain mein, complete with goatee and Fabio hair. And he started messing around with a sea-chippie named Dolphin. (A WOMAN whose NAME was Dolphin, okay? Not an actual Tursiops truncatus. That’s how rumors start.)

But if Aquaman was haughty before David got his hands on him, he grew increasingly pompous with every subsequent issue. David left the book suddenly when DC Comics refused to let him (temporarily) kill Aquaman to turn him into a water elemental, and the title lumbered along for another couple years under various writers.

GOOD NEWS! Aquaman’s back in the JLA!

Meanwhile, writer Grant Morrisson was accomplishing a feat that few writers had ever managed to pull off: He made Aquaman work as character in a team book. The Aquaman that appeared in the pages of Morrisson’s JLA run retained Peter David’s distinctive look, but came off a bit less imperious, and Morrisson had a gift for embracing the character’s, ah, unique set of powers in novel, narratively interesting ways.

BAD NEWS! He’s Dead! Or in The Past! … Something!

Soon after Morrisson left the JLA book, Aquaman presumably died saving the Earth during the 2001 crossover event Our Worlds at War. Only he didn’t die: He’d been sent back to pre-history. When he eventually got back to the present two years later, he was, predictably enough, sulky about it.

GOOD NEWS! Aquaman’s Getting A New Series! Still Again Some More!

In 2003 writer Rick Veitch launched a new series that departed from the character’s history and created one of its own, steeped in Arthurian legend. Aquaman was now a servant of the Lady of the Lake herself, who replaced his hook-hand with a hand of … mystical … water.

BAD NEWS! It’s a Put-On!

The following is a quote from Veitch’s first issue, a bit of Aquaman’s narration as he swims the dark seas, wracked with guilt over the plight of his kingdom. Ready?

“I hear the cruel laughter of mollusks, mocking me.”

The cruel laughter. OF MOLLUSKS.

Now, Veitch is a good writer, and frequently a funny one. I put it to you that it is impossible to read a line like “the cruel laughter of mollusks” as anything but a joke. And once you accept that, his entire run on Aquaman makes more sense, especially when you consider that it involved Aquaman not being able to hit anything with his water-hand, lest he endanger the healing powers of the mystic energy that is at the core of all creation and blah blah blah.

Veitch was clearly camping it up, which is cool. Certainly the character’s ripe for a bit of fun. But his run was too incoherent and too beholden to hokey, faux-fantasy elements to amount to anything but a puzzling mess, and he left the book after 12 issues.

GOOD NEWS! Aquaman’s Getting Another Chance!

Writer Will Pfiefer took over the series on issue 15. He kept the classic orange and green, clean-shaven Aquaman Veitch had restored, and kept the water hand.

In a smart move, he gave Aquaman a new base of operations by sinking the city of San Diego under the ocean with an earthquake. He also provided an intriguing central, driving mystery: The city’s sinking coincided with an event that changed the entire population into water-breathers.

For the first time in many years, Aquaman returned to his roots as a sort of undersea sheriff, and the title thrived, briefly.

BAD NEWS! Not For Long!

In less than a year, however, Pfeifer was out, and a new writer was brought in to fit the storyline into yet another universe-spanning crossover event that saw the return of Mera, the destruction of Atlantis, and a puzzling death/transformation for Aquaman.

GOOD NEWS! A New Direction for Aquaman! With a Great Writer!

In May of 2005, with issue #40, the series was renamed Aquaman, Sword of Atantis, and reconceived, by the great Kurt Busiek, as a sort of waterlogged Frank Frazetta swordfish-and-sorcery tale.

BAD NEWS! This New Direction Leads to an Aquaman Who Isn’t Aquaman, and The Guy Who Used to be Aquaman Having A SQUID FOR A FACE

Busiek decided that classic Aquaman had run his course, and seemingly killed him off to replace him with a young kid who fights monsters and magic-with-a-k, advised by a mysterious, hooded, tentacle-bearded presence called the Dweller in the Depths, not to put too fine a point on it.

That said squid-bearded presence was in fact the original Aquaman was evident from the first, but it took another 10 issues, and another writer, for the book to acknowledge it, whereupon the original (now squiddy) Aquaman was summarily killed off, in the May 2007 issue.

GOOD NEWS! There Will Come a Brightest Day!

And that’s more or less where we stand, until last week’s announcement.

Quoth writer Geoff Johns, architect of the Blackest Night and several recent revamps of classic DC characters:

“Brightest Day’ is about second chances. I think it’s been obvious from Day One that there are major plans for the heroes and villains from Aquaman to take center stage in the DC Universe, among many others, post-Blackest Night.”

Green Lantern Corps #45 Review

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Red Dawn

  On Mogo, the Red Lantern Guy Gardner is split between his red ring and his green one. He sees the faces of his friends but also as his enemies. As Guy struggles with his conflicting emotions and powers, his rage over comes him and he attacks the Green Lantern Corps, Miri and Munk. Kilowog sees that Guy is too far-gone but Munk believes he can still temper Guy but Kyle wants Guy free no matter what. Miri uses her sapphire tether and pierces into Guy’s heart and let him experience love but the red ring over powers her and throws her back. Mogo soon decides that he must take care of the conflict personally. He erupts a large beam of green light at Guy, which exposes his emotions and memories in red and green constructs. Showing the good, the bad and the ugly parts of his mind. We see Guy’s abuse at the hands of his father, his welcoming into the corps, the JLI, his football days, his break up and return with Ice and many more. Guy soon starts to lose to his rage again and it starts tearing him apart. Kyle once again steps in trying to help guy even though Mogo tells him Guy must face his own inner demons.

  Kyle restrains Guy and asks Munk what they can do. Munk tells Kyle that only a blue ring can truly reverse Guy’s condition. Kyle tells Munk to teleport him to a Blue Lantern but due to Munk’s powers waning from battle, he can’t teleport Kyle to a Blue Lantern. Kyle then tells him to find one no matter what but Munk still can’t help, as Guy will break free before too long. They are faced with a hard choice, as they know that Guy didn’t want to live like this and that they might have to kill him instead. Kyle won’t do it and soon Mogo pulls Guy into the ground. Mogo reveals that he can take care of Guy’s rage but it won’t be easy. Soon, multiple leeches enter Guy’s body and start filtering his blood. Soranik Natu reveals that they are working like super anti-bodies and cleansing the rage out of Guy. Soon, Guy is freed of the red power ring as it falls off his finger. Returning to normal, Guy is greeted by hugs from Kyle and Natu and handshakes from others. Mogo reveals that it’s not a perfect cleaning and that trace amounts still remain. To permanently cure Guy. They will need to get a Blue Lantern in the end. However, Munk soon reveals that others of his tribe have arrived on Oa. 

  Later they reveal the plan of getting all the corps to Earth to stop Nekron and the Black Lanterns. All the Green Lanterns, Star Sapphire and Indigo Tribe repower their rings and are teleported to Earth. So, is there anything Mogo can’t do? It was a good story but I’m glad Green Lantern Corps is moving towards meeting up with the rest of Blackest Night. Should make for a good conclusion next month.

Green Lantern #51 Review

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 Parallax Rebirth part 2
  As Black Hand enjoys the dead around him, Larfleeze battles Lex Luthor for control of the extra orange power ring that Luthor now has in his control. Lex Luthor reveals that the powers of the orange rings are very similar to the black rings. As those the bearer has killed in their lifetime can be turned into their personal army. He then tells Larfleeze that on his world life is about owning things. In saying this, Larfleeze realizes that maybe Earth is worth saving after all. Meanwhile, the new repossessed Hal Jordan with the power of Parallax in him battles the Black Lantern Spectre while the rest of the New Guardians destroy the various Black Lanterns around them. The Atom ends up destroying the Black Lantern Tempest in front of Mera, much to her dismay. The Atom reveals that the Black Lanterns are able to get power over their victims by having emotional connections with them. Atrocitus tells the Atom it doesn’t matter as it helps to fuel more of Mera’s rage for him. 

   Back to the fight between Parallax and the Spectre, Parallax reveals that the Spectre has tried to burn him many times even those like his kind. However, he can’t erase him since there will always been fear in the universe. He then dives into the Black Lantern Spectre’s head and reveals that the true Spectre is a prisoner of the Black Lantern ring that has taken hold of Crispus Allen. Parallax reveals also that when they both have hosts they are more powerful. However, this once he’ll make an except and destroys the Black Lantern power ring and with it Crispus Allen. With the Spectre free of the Black Lantern influence, Carol tells Ganthet that they must save Hal now. However, Parallax reveals that he is not the one who needs saving as of now, he can destroys the Spectre completely. The Spectre in turn regains his full power and tells Parallax that after all he has done, he will die today even if Hal Jordan must go with him. Atrocitus and Mera quickly attack the Spectre as Atrocitus reveals that his true mission is to save the Universe and save “life” and not fail like he did on Ryut. Sinestro then attacks Parallax saying the he needs to be put on a leash but Parallax will not be control by Sinestro. 

  Atrocitus then attacks the Spectre and fuels him with rage, believing that he is the entity of rage that is needed for his corps. The Spectre briefly turns into a Red Lantern but then shakes it off revealing he is not the Red Entity but has faced it before and tells Atrocitus he should not seek it out. The Spectre then reveals he does fear Parallax and all of his kind and while that fear is anchored to Parallax, Hal Jordan is anchored to Carol Ferris. She then grabs Parallax and divides Hal from Parallax. While Sinestro tries to grab Parallax, he is soon pulled by an unknown force and disappears. Hal getting his senses back asks his ring what just happened. The ring tells him that Parallax was teleported to an unknown location. Over in Belle Reve Prison, Hector Hammon calls out saying: “It has Parallax.” With the Spectre now safe, with Hal’s order, the Spectre decides to take care of Nekron. However, since Nekron is darkness and not alive, he has no soul to be judge. He then passes through the Spectre and vaporizes him. Nekron then with his army of Black Lanterns tells everyone that it’s time for the Universe to die.

   I really enjoyed this issue and the battle with the Spectre was nice as was the revelation about the various Emotional Entities and how someone is now taking them prisoner. Don’t know if we needed the set up yet for post Blackest Night but I’ll give Geoff Johns a nod here. Great work by Doug Mahnke through out the issue.

Must sell everything

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  Before the wife and I head out for our delayed honeymoon. We need to sell everything in my Ebay shop before we go. It must all go so the wife and I can start saving for a new place. Trust me, we want out of our current apartment.

Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #43

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The GL Spotlight returns (albeit a bit late) for episode #43. Frankie and the gang are joined by Ben aka irongreen2814 from The Warriors Three podcast as they discuss tie-in issues Secret Six #18 and Adventure Comics #7. 

The Green Lantern Spotlight Podcast Episode #43

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Green Lantern Spotlight Episode #43

The GL Spotlight returns (albeit a bit late) for episode #43. Frankie and the gang are joined by irongreen2814 from The Warriors Three podcast as they discuss tie-in issues Secret Six #18 and Adventure Comics #7. Featuring opening and ending themes from Kirby Krackle ( and The Roy Clark Method ( Also check out The Warriors Three ( for Kuhan’s guest appearance on their show.

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