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War of the Superman: 100 Minute War = 1 month only

Posted in News,Rants,Superman by mrread7 on February 11, 2010

  As revealed on the DCU Source Blog, the War of the Supermen, that kicks off with Free Comic Book Day in May. Will only be a one month event. Each issue totaling 25 minutes for the 4 part even series. Personally, I love the fact that they are doing it. Let’s face it, World of New Krypton was a 2 year story arc, from build up to Brainiac’s Return attack and Superman battling it out with his family and people. However, as it has been shown the last couple of years with both DC and Marvel. Long drawn out events especially after just wrapping up ones like Blackest Night and Seige. People just aren’t ready to shove out more from their wallets for the next “Big Event”. Having this being contain in a month and then dealing with the aftermath over the summer in the Superman books is a very smart move on DC’s part. I hope we can look forward to more of this treatment with Batman’s return this fall.


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