The Green Lantern Corps Podcast

My Brighest Day Challenge: Bring it on!

Posted in Aquaman,Brightest Day,Rants by mrread7 on February 12, 2010

   As revealed yesterday at the DCU Source Blog. The cover of Brightest Day #2 shows the return of Aquaman. Return to the land of the living and given a second chance at life. Well, I had someone email me this morning. Saying that since I put so much time putting up a Spider-Girl Page and reopening it bigger and better this weekend not to mention my plans for a new layout here for the GLS and bringing back Read’s Thunderbolts page later this summer. The email stated that I should do a website (no size given) on Aquaman, since none exist and not just follow Brightest Day here on the blog. Well guess what? Challenge excepted!
  Once I return from Hawaii in a few weeks, I’m going to get it started, I have a layout selected and I already know what to feature and go from the golden age to now. So, prepare the internet for Aquaman: King of the Seas website coming later this year.


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