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Blackest Night #7 Review

Posted in blackest night,War of Light,White Lantern Corps by mrread7 on March 7, 2010

The Corps Leaders and New Guardians battle against Nekron but their combined powers are unable to stop him. Scarecrow attacks Black Hand with a yellow pitch fork and is winning. Just as he yells, “This is my moment,” Luthor’s eyes glow orange and he says “No, it’s mine.” Luthor becomes overwhelmed by the Orange power and tries to steal everyone else’s rings. Above Earth, John Stewart is trying to stop the horde of Black Lanterns when the combined Six Corps arrive to join together and battle the Black Lanterns. In Coast City, Dove tries to get at the Black Lantern Battery but is forced back as a being from within the battery tries to get out. Nekron slices the throat of a Guardian and Black Hand uses his blood to form a symbol on the ground. Nekron then says “Trespasser. Rise” and a massive coccoon rises from the ground, holding a figure in white. 

Ganthet reveals that this is the Entity, the living light bestowed upon the universe that triggered existence itself. He then reveals the truth Nekron has hinted at: That life in the universe did not begin on Maltus (the original homeworld of the Guardians), but on Earth–the Guardians hiding it to both protect the Entity and justify their authority. Nekron stabs at the Entity, which causes every living being in the universe to react in pain. Outraged at the Guardians’ lies that cost Abin Sur his life, Sinestro stabs Ganthet with his ring. Hal realizes the Entity is like Parallax and Ion, a living power that needs a “pilot” to guide it into battle. He flies toward it only to be stopped by Sinestro, who claims this is his duty, and that Jordan had his chance with Parallax. Sinestro flies into the Entity demanding its power, and emerges as a figure all in white saying that he will be the greatest Lantern of all as the Entity speaks: “Thaal Sinestro of Korugar. Destiny awaits”.

  I read this book about eight times as I traveled by plane to my honeymoon in Hawaii. I have to say, I was both happy, a bit shocked and a little let down by a few things. First of all, we knew that Luthor was going to subcome to the Orange Light before this story was over and going after Scarecrow. That was a bit of a let down, let Crane have his moments. He freaking stabbed Black Hand threw and went after Nekron on his own. If that doesn’t show the guy is cut out to be a full time member of the Sinestro Corps, I don’t know what is. The most shocking part was Sinestro becoming the White Lantern. I like many others saw Hal Jordan flying towards the White Entity and becoming the first but instead it goes to Sinestro. I actually looked over issues of Green Lantern during and after the Sinestro Corps war. The truth is, we never saw Sinestro becoming a Green Lantern again, we just saw him from the neck up in what looked like his old GL suit with a drink next to him. So, him becoming the White Lantern has been set up since day one. Having Dove being the catalyst to free the Anti-monitor from the Black Lantern Central Power Battery was also a nice touch. I’m looking forward to the last three parts of Blackest Night over the next few weeks. Should be fun.


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  1. Tom said,

    Did the Scarecrow get his yellow ring back, after Lex Luthor stole it from him?

    • Podcast said,

      He has not. I would pick up Untold Tales of Blackest Night to see if there is more to Scarecrow and his ring.

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