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Books you should be reading: The Great Ten

Posted in Great Ten,Rants by mrread7 on March 8, 2010

  Since returning from my honeymoon. I have been catching up on my reading as we prepare to go into The Brightest Day. I’m going to start today with one of my reading recommendations, The Great Ten. he Great Ten returned in their own eponymous, ten-issue limited series written by Tony Bedard, which is intended to provided a detailed origin of the group’s members.

Issue #1 details the Accomplished Perfect Physician‘s origin, and introduces eight deities from Chinese mythology led by the Jade Emperor. The pantheon includes Yu Huang the Jade Emperor and King of the Gods, Lei Kung the God of Thunder, Feng Po the God of Winds, Kuan Ti the God of War, Lei Zi the Goddess of Lightning and wife of Lei Kung, Chu Jiang a minor God of the Dead who rules the second level of Diyu, Gong Gong the God of Floods, and Chu Jung the God of Fire and father of Gong Gong.
Issue #2 details the Celestial Archer‘s origin, has the Old Chinese Gods have returned for vengeance. With the citizens of Lhasa caught in the middle, the Old Gods battle against the Great Ten, but the super functionaries are no match for the angry, ancient gods, not when one member – the Celestial Archer – chooses to turn against his team and fight alongside the gods.
Issue #3 details the Thundermind‘s origin, he appears in times of need to defend China against evil and injustice. But when Thundermind joins the Great Ten in their battle against the Old Chinese Gods, he learns the startling secret that the Old Chinese Gods have been hiding – a secret so massive it could destroy all of China.
Issue #4 details the Immortal Man-in-Darkness‘ origin, while he battles Feng Po in Shanghai. Immortal Man-in-Darkness finally defeats Feng Po, and the Great Ten discover Feng Po is using Durlan technology and that the Old Chinese Gods are false.
Issue #5 details the August General in Iron‘s origin, the Great Ten asking him about his Durlan’s organism. August General in Iron’s explain his classified in Qinghai‘s incident, were RPLA got biologically. In Kunlun Mountains, the Old Chinese Gods plan to invasion Hong Kong. Celestial Archer’s know the Old Chinese Gods are not them and send a message to Great Ten from theirs plan.

  Bedard and Scott McDanial have beening making this a very fun series. I have to admit, the series took a bit to get
after we got the Accomplished Perfect Physcian’s origin out of the way (one of my favorite characters). Since issue 
four, the series has really picked up both in plot and paced. It’s also given us a great insight on these characters.
Who is driven by duty, others have been forced and also painting all the characters in grey than black and white. I 
also love the inclusion of the Durlings in the story and how they tie in with almost half of the cast of characters. 
This is shaping up to be a fine series and I hope we might get an ongoing out of it. Let’s hope. 


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  1. the great ten is week after week one of the best books I read. it makes me hopeful for when tony steps up to GLC. also immortal man in darkness is one of my favorite characters

  2. Ryan said,

    Same here. It's one title I look forward to each month. The book had a slow start but it has become a great read.

  3. werehawk said,

    Good post! Bedard is great! Can't wait for him on GLC. I highly recommend his cosmic Negation series from Crossgen about a decade ago. One of my top five series of all time.

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