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Looking ahead to Brightest Day: The Flash

Posted in Brightest Day,flash by mrread7 on March 9, 2010

  With Blackest Night #8 just a few short weeks away. I thought I would start looking ahead to Brightest Day and what it means for some characters and books. I thought the best way to start this all off would be with the Flash, or in this case the Flash Family. With Flash: Rebirth now over with Barry Allen back as the main Flash and everyone else along side him from Wally to Max Mercury. I thought I would look at what might come out of the various Flashes and yes, even the Rogues.

Barry Allen

  Well, we know everything was set up at the end of Rebirth. Barry’s new status quo is not only trying to take time to spend with his wife, family and friends but to also solve a slew load of cold cases. Barry is going to be a mix of CSI/Cold Case/Super Heroics. It’s true, when Barry was lost during the original Crisis. Central City really went to hell and Wally took up as guardian of Keystone City mostly. A lot of murders, crimes and cases went unsolved when someone with Barry Allen’s caliber could solve in an instant. Now, he’s out to solve cases and of course meet new and old enemies a like.

Wally West

  Wally is going to be the primary guardian of Keystone City as he’s the third generation of Flash. I don’t see too much change from the Wally we’ve seen over the last few years. Sure he’s a family man now and he’s going to be dealing with his daughter, Iris being the new Impulse, while Jai is left at home. Should prove for some nice family moments with a little mix of super heroics.

Jay Garrick

  The original Flash and really I don’t see too much changing with the character. Jay is pretty active with the Justice Society. Though, it should be interesting about mentoring status with Bart Allen now since Max Mercury is back. What’s even more important is that Rival is still in possession of Max’s original body before he was trapped in the Speed Force. How’s that going to effect everything?

Bart Allen

  With Bart to his true age and back with the Teen Titans. I see Bart going back to his status of trying to be better than Wally and in the mean time reestablishing his ties with Max Mercury. Max was always a father figure with him but there is one large thing still over Bart. Well two actually. The first with Iris now being Impulse the more important matter. Bart’s half brother, Owen Mercer better known as the second Captain Boomerang

Iris West

   From pass through kid hero to now full on Impulse. Iris is going to a more happy go lucky attitude and now with the defeat of Professor Zoom and Queen Been under her belt. I see Iris being a bit more proactive and thinking she can handle anything. She might learn the hard way that taking the mantle of Impulse might mean repeating Bart’s former mistakes.

Jai West

  Poor kid from super hero to just your average 10 year old. Jai doesn’t seem happy with his current status even if he did give up his portion of the Speed Force to his twin sister. Can Jai really cope with being your average 5th grader? Does this mean more time with his mom, Linda. While Iris and Wally are out saving the city or the world?

 Jesse Quick

   She’s back to how she started, Jesse Belle Chambers Tyler is now going to be spending her time living both of her parent’s legacies while staying with the Justice Society and spending time back in Keystone City or Central City. You have to wonder how that’s going to effect her status with her husband, Rick Tyler better known as Hourman. Even worse, what if Jesse ends up pregnant soon?

Max Mercury

  We’ve waited over a  decade and have been teased and taunted but Max Mercury, the original speedster is back. Finding his anchor to the world through Bart, Max is probably going to be seeing some fathering with Bart while he tries to establish ties with his daughter. Plus, the world has really changed while Max was away and Rival still have his original body. What’s a guy to do?

  The Rogues

   They have a plan to fight against Barry thanks to the original Mirror Master’s old plan. Abra Kadabra has it out for Barry and Professor Zoom. There are new and old Rogues alike now. Iron Heights exists and new and more deadlier Rogues are being born in Central City. Looks like it’s time for the bad guys to get busy.

  It seems we have a lot going on for The Flash as Brightest Day arrives, let’s see if Barry and the rest can shine through the darkness.


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