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Green Lantern New from the Emerald City Comic Con

Posted in News by mrread7 on March 14, 2010

 Right from the Comic Con from Andrew himself:

* Larfleeze Christmas special mentioned, then later reconfirmed. It may just be a mini story WITHIN the yearly DCU Holiday special, but who knows. In the story he hears about Santa Claus and decides to hunt for him.

* Larfleeze will soon get a house and a boat.

* All the New Guardians remain on Earth “much to Hal’s displeasure.” So we can assume the issues to come in GL will mostly revolve around them.

* Soon we’ll see more of 2814 in GL. Xudar, in particular. But isn’t Xudar supposed to be in 2813? Let’s hope that’s just a flub.

* Atrocitus will be romantically interested in Mera. But she’s not interested. Carol will continue to be buddy-buddy with Diana/WW post-BN.

* Mark Waid actually came forward and asked a question to Geoff. About if we’ll see any more adventures with Hal in the 58th century/Pol Manning like we did way back. I think Geoff said he’d think about it.

* Eddie Berganza wanted to make Kyle a Blue Lantern but everyone else was against the idea.

* We’ll see the other Laws soon.

* Geoff said there won’t be a GL seen on Smallville.

* The JSA will be back on Smallville this season.

* Larfleeze will soon steal the Eifel Tower but Hal will make him give it back.

* There won’t be a GLC Second Feature, or any GL Second Features. There was initially going to be one that was like a “Tales of the GLC” sort of mini-anthology, but the idea was vetoed by Geoff. “Emerald Warriors” did not evolve from it, either, that’s just it’s own thing.

* Emerald Warriors’ premise is still murky. It does sound like another big ensemble cast deal, though. Tomasi was adamant that Guy is not the focus and that it’s not a Guy solo in any sense.

* Lobo vs. Atrocitus confirmed for Brightest Day.

* About “will we ever take a break from the big events and get back to the ‘done-in-one’ or shorter two-issue arcs,” Geoff said: “No. I like big events.”

* Geoff confirmed he’ll be on GL for at least 5 more years.

* This week’s GLC has Alex DeWitt as a Black Lantern… and literally inside a refrigerator.


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