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Green Lantern Corps #46 Review

Posted in green lantern corps by mrread7 on March 17, 2010

Black Dawn
  Above Earth’s Orbit, the various Lantern Corps are caught in battles with the Black Lanterns and each other. Guy Gardner tries to wrestle control of the situation but other lanterns why they should even listen to Guy. Guy explains that as soon as they take care of the Black Lanterns. They can all get back to killing each other. Guy comes up with a plan from episode 64 of the original Star Trek series by using a Tholian Web made out of each ring light. They will snare the Black Lanterns and destroy them at the same time. All the Lanterns create the web and start snaring and in the process destroying the various Black Lanterns. However, more rise up from Earth’s surface causing the web to start breaking apart and soon Guy is snatched by the Black Lantern Ice.
  Who encases Guy in ice and causes them to plummet towards Coast City while a refrigerator that houses the Black Lantern Alex, Kyle’s old girlfriend, attacks Kyle Rayner. Alex pulls Kyle in and using her ring, shows him first hand how Major Force killed her by breaking all of her bones before finally snapping her neck and putting her in the fridge for him to find. She tells Kyle how that day never left him and how much pain it caused. She then forces him to pull his ring towards his head telling him to end it since for a few moments. He wore a Black Lantern ring that showed him the quietness of death. Kyle instead breaks free from Alex and blasts her into pieces. He then joins Munk and tells him to help him destroy Alex, which they do.
   On Earth as Guy and Ice continue to fall, Ice belittles Guy about how she never truly came back to her. He just kept coming when he felt lonely or something else but never being with her. Guy instead breaks free telling her that she is not the Tora he knows and lets her hit the ground and shatters before Guy regroups with the other Lantern. Guy then finds out that the Black Lantern Central Power Battery is being powered by the Anti-monitor who thanks to Dove attacking the battery with the white light. Is trying to break free. All the various Lanterns head towards the battery but are attacked by the partial dead Anti-monitor. They try and blast him with their rings but due to the fact he is still alive, they are unable to destroy him and the source of the Black Lanterns’ energy. Princess Iolande decides to distract the Anti-monitor but he fires at her and Vath Sar’s legs are destroyed as he pushes Iolande out of the way. Isemot Kol tries to help his friend but Vath won’t stay down. Saying if he’s going to die today it’s going to be with his face forward.
  Trying to figure out a way to kill of the Anti-monitor all the way to destroy the Central Battery. Dove is encased in a bullet construct while the Red Lanterns blind the Anti-monitor. Bedovian then fires Dove straight into the Anti-monitor’s head and finaling killing him and damaging the battery. However, when the Lanterns try to pull his body all the way out. The Black Lantern Central Power Battery pulls him back in to drain him of the rest of his energy. Knowing they can’t do much more, all the corps regroup and head off to take out Nekron.
   They might have spent most of Blackest Night fighting on Oa but now the Green Lantern Corps and the rest are on Earth. Ready to fight Nekron and Guy takes charge. I guess Skeets wasn’t kidding back in Booster Gold #2. Guy is a major player in the Blackest Night. I am upset that Vath lost his legs but boy that solider never goes down. Reasons why I love him.


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